The library provides access to a number of databases for your use. Some are subscribed to directly by us, others are provided by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. A full list of our databases is located on the Electronic Resources page. To use the databases from off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your OPSU credentials.

The online resources page contains links to all the electronic resources to which the library subscribes. The two companies that provide most of our databases are EBSCO and OCLC. EBSCO contains the full-text material to which we have access, and OCLC contains the most complete citation databases you can use.

Digital Prairie

Digital Prairie is a set of databases provided by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. It can be used as a general database to start your search.

Digital prairie homepage

The Digital Prairie search page default is the Advanced Search. You have the option of using the basic search through the link below the search boxes called Basic Search.

Digital prairie search page

Enter a simple word or phrase into the top search box. The database will drop a list of potential searches, in case you would prefer something other than what you wrote. For a simple search you don’t have to choose a field in which to search. Not choosing will instruct the database to search all parts of the record for your terms. The advanced search will offer you a chance to further limit your results before searching, but you do not have to use it for the search to work.

Basic database search

The results page is comprised of three parts: the search box, the refine results column, and the news wire column. At the top of the results list, you will see how many records were returned. That number will change with each refinement you add. Each record in the results list is numbered for your convenience; there will either be a full-text record with the associated icons under the entry or a citation record, which has no other feature.

Results list unrefined
Results list peerreview
Results page when peer-review is selected
Results list fulltext
Results page when full-text is selected

A full-text record has 4 parts: the search boxes, the column with the full text links, the center column containing the information of the record, and the right column containing the database tools to be used for exporting, formatting, or printing the record.

Fulltext result
Full-text record
Citation result
Citation-only record
Results list time
Results page when limiting results by time

Video demonstration