One of the resources the library provides to all students is access to computers for school work. We have a computer lab with desktop computers in the computer lab (all PC). The library also checks out laptops and chromebooks for use in the library.

Logging in to the computers

Every device, except the chromebooks, requires you to log on. Your log in credentials are:

  • Username: Your OPSU email, or your Aggie Access username, or your CWID
  • Password: Your OPSU email password

If you have forgotten one or both of those, we have a guest log in you can use.

Laptop/Chromebook Checkout

The laptops and chromebooks are for use in the library only. They are checked out for 2 hours at a time, without the power cord. We hold on to your ID while you have the device. The laptops are all set up to print to the library printer, the chromebooks are not. Chromebooks will not work anywhere; you must be in a location with wi-fi.