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Alumni & Friends

Oklahoma Panhandle State University engages alumni by providing opportunities to connect and support students, alumni, and friends, as well as cultivating loyalty for the university through meaningful, positive, lifelong relationships that support the university’s mission and goals.

Alumni Membership Levels

Bronze Aggie

Graduates, Panhandle State Staff and Faculty are granted this membership.

Vert Bronze
Bronze Aggie

Silver Aggie

Silver Aggies receive all Bronze benefits, plus Panhandle Alumni Magazine and a member t-shirt.

Vert Silver
Silver Aggie

Gold Aggie

Gold Aggies receive Bronze & Silver benefits, plus a membership card and Panhandle State license plate frame.

Vert Gold
Gold Aggie

Diamond Aggie

Diamond Aggies receive Bronze, Silver, and Gold benefits, plus a stadium blanket and an upgrade credit.

Vert Diamond
Diamond Aggie

Platinum Aggie

Platinum Aggies receive Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond benefits, plus an exclusive Panhandle “P” plaque.

Vert Platinum
Platinum Aggie

Aggies sharing their stories

Read Jay Miller’s Story

Mental health in college athletics is now at a breaking point. It is more imperative now to make sure that coaches understand their true power when dealing with their student-athletes and their future.

Jay Miller / Coaching

Jay Miller

Read Shawn Strain’s Story

My greatest memories of OPSU are the people I met and the relationships formed. I still keep in touch through social media with several friends from OPSU.

Shawn Strain / Mathematics

Shawn Strain

Read Jessica Reed’s Story

I’m a small-town kid, so still getting that at college made OPSU feel like home.

Jessica Reed / Agribusiness

Jessica Reed

Read Ashlynn Remington’s Story

We would have ‘family suppers’ and pack those trailers full of students and play card games until we were crying from laughing.

Ashlynn Remington / Animal Science & Agribusiness

Ashlynn Remington

Read Andy Brown’s Story

I attended Panhandle State because it was close to home and had a small college atmosphere, and those were two things I was looking for when choosing a college.

Andy Brown / Health & Physical Education

Andy Brown

Read Debbie Sharpe’s Story

I love when kids I have taught become good parents! Watching children find confidence in their skills and learn to love. Learning is the motivation of my heart.

Debbie Sharpe / Elementary Education

Debbie Sharpe

Read Jack Bryon Test, Jr.’s Story

OPSU offered me a great number of leadership opportunities in the University Student Association and the Oklahoma Student Government Association.

Jack Bryon Test, Jr. / Computer Information Systems

Jack Bryon Test, Jr.

Read Kaylee Schwieterman’s Story

I developed a love for learning and developing as a professional from my time as a student at Panhandle.

Kaylee Schwieterman / Elementary Education

Kaylee Schwieterman