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The faculty and staff at OPSU are both friendly and knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. A low student-to-faculty ratio means OPSU offers opportunities for attention to individual students. The intellectual atmosphere of OPSU not only offers the knowledge and skills necessary for any future career, but also provides a personal learning experience that goes beyond simple education.

Aggies sharing their stories

Read Jared Mayeda’s Story

With the smaller environment and smaller town, you also get a personal touch in every class and all over campus.

Jared Mayeda / Assistant Baseball Coach

Jared Mayeda

Read Tracy Curtis’s Story

[Memories] of great comradery and a feeling of accomplishment reminds me of the “grit” and determination our University is known for!

Tracy Curtis / Business Administration

Tracy Curtis

Read Karen Bauer’s Story

I knew I always wanted to work at OPSU. In 2020 a job opening in the Financial Aid department became available, and I sensed immediately it would be a position I would enjoy.

Karen Bauer / Purchasing Coordinator

Karen Bauer

Read Dr. Helen Thrall’s Story

Being part of this institution inspires me to give my best to my students. Every day I am motivated to help students reach their goals and become better musicians and music educators.

Dr. Helen Thrall / Music

Dr. Helen Thrall

Read Dr. Allison Collins’s Story

Our RN-BSN program is attracting nurses state-wide, and I wanted to be a part of a successful program.

Dr. Allison Collins / Nursing

Dr. Allison Collins

Read Dillon Schoenhals’s Story

OPSU has given me the ability to stay out in the middle of nowhere and be able to spend time with my family.

Dillon Schoenhals / Institutional Research

Dillon Schoenhals

Read Brian Lankford’s Story

[One of my] favorite things about Panhandle State is the students. [I] meet students from all over the world and love getting to know them and their cultural dynamics.

Brian Lankford / Athletics

Brian Lankford

Read Ashlee Bruner’s Story

[My] favorite things about Panhandle State are that everyone is willing to help whenever you need it and that it is very family-oriented.

Ashlee Bruner / Bursar

Ashlee Bruner

Read Robert Etbauer’s Story

The rodeo team members all provide me with a lot of entertainment! There’s always a lot of action going on, and that’s just how I like it.

Robert Etbauer / Rodeo

Robert Etbauer

Read Brandi Granett’s Story

I thought it would be great to help build online learning at a school looking to grow in that area. I knew I could find a home at Panhandle, even from so far away.

Brandi Granett / Instructional Design

Brandi Granett