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The objective of the Staff Association is to act as a collective voice for one of the largest constituencies on the University campus (second only to students) and to provide a forum for dialogue and exchange of rationale among faculty, staff, and those with administrative responsibilities. Such a forum is intended to allow recommendations concerning policies and procedures and effective communication with the administration on ideas that might provide a more positive environment for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.


Crystal Artho
Crystal Artho, Staff Association President

Staff Association Selects Officers

At the annual luncheon hosted by the Association, new members were selected by their peers. The new members elected to the association include Crystal Artho, who will serve as the President, Mika Bell, Karen Bauer, Makenze Anderson, Catherine Kimball, Brigitte Brown, Shawn Joy, and Jared Mayeda. They will serve a two-year term on the association.

Congratulations to the new officers and association members. We appreciate your service to your fellow staff members!

Association Representatives