Professor Cooke Directing OPSU Choir Performers

Welcome to the Heart of Vocal Excellence at OPSU

The OPSU Concert Choir is a dynamic ensemble that brings the joy of choral music to life on our campus and beyond. Here’s a glimpse into the world of OPSU’s Concert Choir.

About the OPSU Concert Choir

Four OPSU Choir Performers

Musical Excellence

The OPSU Concert Choir is dedicated to delivering outstanding vocal performances. We embrace commitment to musical precision, artistic expression, and a rich, diverse repertoire that spans classical, contemporary, and world music.

Passionate Performances

The Concert Choir showcases the power of collective voices in thrilling and moving performances. Each concert is a testament to our vocalists’ dedication and passion as they create enchanting and memorable musical experiences.

Two OPSU Choir Performers

Campus and Beyond

Beyond the classroom, our Concert Choir frequently takes their talents to local and regional venues, sharing their harmonious artistry with a broader audience. These off-campus performances add an extra dimension to the student experience.

Campus Ambassadors

As the primary vocal music organization at OPSU, our Concert Choir often represents the university at various campus functions and special events. They serve as musical ambassadors, enhancing the atmosphere of these gatherings with their melodious voices.

Inclusivity and Growth

The Concert Choir welcomes OPSU students with a passion for singing, regardless of their major. It’s a place where you can nurture your talent, grow as a vocalist, and be part of a supportive, creative community.

OPSU’s Concert Choir is more than just a musical ensemble; it’s a vibrant community where students find their voices, create lifelong memories, and enrich the cultural tapestry of our campus and beyond. Join us in celebrating the power of music and the joy of singing with the OPSU Concert Choir! Whether you’re an aspiring singer or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of choral music, we invite you to explore the OPSU Concert Choir. Discover our upcoming performances, meet our talented vocalists, and be part of a musical journey that celebrates the magic voices coming together in harmony.