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Welcome to Images Art Club, where a vibrant community of art enthusiasts come together to celebrate creativity and make a meaningful impact. We unite like-minded students who share a passion for art and enjoy sharing their talents while actively engaging in community outreach and enriching programs. 

Images Art Club is your gateway to a world of artistic and cultural experiences right here in the panhandle region. Throughout the year, we curate and host a diverse array of events, including the renowned Paul Farrell Art Auction, the lively Art Jubilee, captivating face painting sessions, the hauntingly delightful Dorm of Doom, the heartwarming Christmas Angel Tree, and a spirited St. Patrick’s Day festival.

Join us on this colorful journey as we paint the town with our love for art, culture, and community. Discover your creative side and be a part of something bigger with Images Art Club at OPSU!


Katherine George

Visiting Instructor of Art, Chair of Art Department

Photo of Katherine George