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In addition to providing resources and support, McKee Library also provides services for the campus and community. Some are located in the building and others have been moved.

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Textbook Review Center

We act as a textbook review center for teachers of the Oklahoma panhandle. The library provides access to material up for adoption by the public school system each year. The adoption schedule and more information is located in the libguide for the textbook review center.

Textbook Review Center

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides access to material McKee does not own or subscribe. We borrow from libraries and lend to libraries across the country. ILL is free to all patrons. Request forms are online and in paper form at Circulation.

Interlibrary Loan Services


Reserves are any item set aside for use with restrictions. We have Course Reserves and Permanent Reserve.

Course Reserves are for material set aside by professors for their classes. Only students in those classes can check out material. Course reserve material may have restrictions, such as being in library use only or being due in 2 hours instead of the standard 2 weeks. You will be informed of any restrictions during checkout. All course reserve material is located behind the circulation desk.

Permanent Reserve items will be used by classes every semester or are items that have to be frequently replaced if left in normal circulation. Professors use permanent reserve for material that is difficult to keep track because of the volume of material or would benefit the entire student body, instead of just their class. Since libraries are depositories, library staff are the best equipped to keep track of these items and provide access to everyone.

Items on Permanent Reserve

  • Choir Folders
  • Test Prep Material
  • Dungeon and Dragons manuals
  • Most current DSM for psychology


You can call the library to hold an item for you to check out at a later date. We keep those items behind the circulation desk with your name, ID number, and the date you called on them. If you haven’t picked up your item after 2 weeks, the material will be returned to its original location.