We have one communal printer for public use. It is free to use. To get your print outs, you must log-in to the printer with your OPSU campus ID; community users and guests can use the OPSU guest ID.

We ask that you do not print personal information, since the printouts end up in a communal spot. If you have printing problems, please ask the staff stationed at the circulation desk.

Our printer name is

Registering your ID on the printer

If you have never printed at the library, you may have to register your ID on the printer. If you have printed and your ID is no longer working, you may have to register again.

How to register:

  1. Swipe your ID card in the reader
  2. Enter your Aggie Access username.
  3. Enter your OPSU email password.

If a print queue appears, you have successfully registered and your card will work by itself from now on.

Printing from your personal device

  1. Save the document you want to print to your device.
  2. Send the document (by attaching the file) to from your OPSU email.
  3. Wait for an email response. It will contain a job code number.
  4. Log in to the printer with either the job code or your OPSU account.

* A header page will also show up in your queue. There is a time delay between you sending the email and the email response.

Common printing problems

Having problems printing? Everyone does at some point. Here are a list of some of the most common reasons for your printing problems.

  1. The printer isn’t on. If you show up just as the library opens, the staff may not have gotten to the printer yet to turn it on.
  2. The wrong printer is selected. Normally, the Kyocera is set as the default printer. Sometimes the default changes to Onenote when the computer updates. Onenote is not an actual printer. Be sure to check that Kyocera is selected before you hit print.
  3. There is a long print queue on your computer. Someone before you had printing problems, and instead of asking for help, hit Print over and over again. Library staff can’t clear a queue on someone else’s account, unless they are logged in. It’s best to move to another computer.
  4. The page is cut off. The document you printed isn’t formatted correctly. You can adjust the format in Print by resizing the document to fit the page.
  5. The printer starts beeping after you hit print. Again it’s a formatting issue. Whoever created the document didn’t make sure it was letter-sized. We don’t carry different sizes of paper. Everything that prints has to fit on a letter sized piece of paper. To fix the problem, resize the document before you hit print.
  6. Jamming. Overheating and high humidity will cause any printer to jam. Please ask a staff member to unjam the printer. We’ve done it many times before, and there is a burn risk.
  7. Printouts are light. The toner needs to be changed. Ask a staff member to change out the toner.