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Academic Search Premier (main.ehost.aph) (EBSCO Databases)

Agricola (main.ehost.agr) (EBSCO Databases)

AHFS Consumer Medication Information (main.ehost.l0h) (EBSCO Databases)

APA PsycArticles (main.ehost.pdh) (EBSCO Databases)

Article First OCLC (Index of articles from the contents pages of journals)


Bibliography of Native North Americans (main.ehost.fph) (EBSCO Databases)

Book Collection Nonfiction: Elementary School Edition (main.ehost.n4h) (EBSCO Databases)

Book Collection Nonfiction: High School Edition (main.ehost.n9h) (EBSCO Databases)

Book Collection Nonfiction: Middle School Edition (main.ehost.n8h) (EBSCO Databases)

Business Source Elite (main.ehost.bsh) (EBSCO Databases)

Business Source Premier (main.ehost.buh) (EBSCO Databases)


CINAHL Complete (main.ehost.ccm) (EBSCO Databases)

ClasePeriodica OCLC: Index of Latin American journals in the sciences and humanities

Computer Source (main.ehost.cph) (EBSCO Databases)

Consumer Health Complete (main.chc) (EBSCO Profiles)


eBook Collection (EBSCOhost) (main.ehost.nlebk) (EBSCO Databases)

EBSCO Discovery Service (main.eds) (EBSCO Profiles)

EBSCOhost Espanol (main.ehostes) (EBSCO Profiles)

EBSCOhost Francais (main.ehostfr) (EBSCO Profiles)

EBSCOhost Integrated Search (main.ehis) (EBSCO Profiles)

EBSCOhost Web (main.ehost) (EBSCO Profiles)

ECO (Electronic Collections Online) OCLC collection of scholarly journals

Education Research Complete (main.ehost.ehh) (EBSCO Databases)

Elementary Student Research (main.ehk5) (EBSCO Profiles)

Explora Educator’s Edition (main.ehed) (EBSCO Profiles)


Films On Demand: Master Academic Package

Films On Demand: Nursing Video Collection

Films On Demand: Allied Health

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia (main.ehost.funk) (EBSCO Databases)


Google Scholar

GPO Catalog of U.S. government publications

GreenFILE (main.ehost.8gh) (EBSCO Databases)


Health Source: Consumer Edition (main.ehost.hxh) (EBSCO Databases)

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (main.ehost.hch) (EBSCO Databases)

Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center (main.ehost.cfh) (EBSCO Databases)

Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center (main.hcrc) (EBSCO Profiles)

Home Improvement Reference Center (main.ehost.h4h) (EBSCO Databases)

Home Improvement Reference Center (main.hirc) (EBSCO Profiles)


IPA Source (Music)


LearningExpress Library

Legal Collection (main.ehost.lgh) (EBSCO Databases)

Legal Information Reference Center (main.ehost.lir) (EBSCO Databases)

Legal Information Reference Center (main.lirc) (EBSCO Profiles)

LibGuides: A Short Guide to Citation Styles

LibGuides: A Short Guide to Technical Writing

LibGuides: Copyright and Fair Use

LibGuides: McKee Library’s Textbook Review Center

LibGuides: Nursing

LibGuides: Welcome to McKee Library

Library of Congress

Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (main.ehost.lxh) (EBSCO Databases)

LonesomeDoc from NLM Docline (create your account)


MagillOnLiterature Plus (main.ehost.mjh) (EBSCO Databases)

MAS Complete (main.ehost.mat) (EBSCO Databases)

MAS Reference eBook Collection (main.ehost.e865sww) (EBSCO Databases)

MasterFILE Premier (main.ehost.f5h) (EBSCO Databases)

MasterFILE Reference eBook Collection (main.ehost.e864sww) (EBSCO Databases)

MEDLINE (main.ehost.cmedm) (EBSCO Databases)

MEDLINE (OCLC FirstSearch) All areas of medicine, including dentistry and nursing

MEDLINE Plus: National Library of Medicine

Middle School Student Research (main.src_ic) (EBSCO Profiles)

Middle Search Plus (main.ehost.mih) (EBSCO Databases)

Middle Search Reference eBook Collection (main.ehost.e866sww) (EBSCO Databases)

Military & Government Collection (main.ehost.mth) (EBSCO Databases)


Newspaper Source Plus (main.ehost.n5h) (EBSCO Databases)

Newswires (main.ehost.nsm) (EBSCO Databases)


OAIster: OCLC Union catalog of digital resources

Oklahoma Digital Prairie: Docs, Images, Info

Oklahoma Official State Website

Oklahoma Tribal Government Websites

Oxford (Grove) ArtOnline

Oxford (Grove) MusicOnline


PapersFirst: OCLC index of papers presented at conferences worldwide

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center (main.prc) (EBSCO Profiles)

Primary Search (main.ehost.prh) (EBSCO Databases)

Primary Search Reference eBook Collection (main.ehost.e867sww) (EBSCO Databases)

Proceedings: An OCLC index of worldwide conference proceedings

Professional Development Collection (main.ehost.tfh) (EBSCO Databases)

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (main.ehost.pbh) (EBSCO Databases)

Public Libraries (main.public) (EBSCO Profiles)

Public Library Search (main.ehpl) (EBSCO Profiles)

PUBMED: Loansome Doc (National Institutes of Health)


Readers’ Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 (H.W. Wilson) (main.ehost.rgr) (EBSCO Databases)

Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature (H.W. Wilson) (main.ehost.rgl) (EBSCO Databases)

Regional Business News (main.ehost.bwh) (EBSCO Databases)

Regional Business News Plus (main.ehost.rps) (EBSCO Databases)

Religion and Philosophy Collection (main.ehost.rlh) (EBSCO Databases)


SHAREOK joint institutional repository OU and OSU

Small Business Reference Center (main.ehost.b9h) (EBSCO Databases)

Small Business Reference Center (main.sbrc) (EBSCO Profiles)

Sociological Collection (main.ehost.slh) (EBSCO Databases)


The Oklahoman Archives (1901–yesterday indexed)

The Wall Street Journal

TOPICsearch (main.ehost.tth) (EBSCO Databases)


Web News (main.ehost.nmr) (EBSCO Databases)

WorldCat: OCLC catalog of books and other materials in libraries worldwide

WorldCatDissertations: A database of all dissertations and theses available in WorldCat