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Like every other library, we hold information resources in multiple formats. We hold information in printed form, digital form, audio form, and visual form to accommodate as many types of learners as possible. If there is something you need that we don’t have, please let us know.

Material is separated in different collections by location and is organized by two systems: Library of Congress (LC) and Dewey. Items geared towards college students and other adults are organized with LC, and the collections focused on material for children are organized with Dewey. Some of the collections have a modified version of both systems.

Printed Material in the Collection

Material in printed form is the traditional format for information in the library. We hold different types of printed material for your use. These include:

  • books
  • magazines, journals, and newspapers
  • curriculum textbooks
  • sheet music

Checkout times for this material depends on what kind of patron you are and what the material is.

Digital Material in the Collection

As more information has become readily available digitally, we have increased the digital portion of our collection. These include:

  • citation databases
  • online journals
  • e-books
  • open access material
  • streaming videos

AV Material in the Collection

AV material is a valuable format of information, especially for those patrons who have difficulty reading from a page or screen or those who need white noise to study. Our collection includes:

  • DVDs of documentaries, movies, and TV shows
  • vinyl records of books, plays, radio programs, and music of many genres
  • music CDs
  • audiobooks on CD