Security Cameras in Residential Facilities

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Security Cameras in Residential Facilities

While considering individuals’ reasonable expectations for personal privacy, University Student Housing has employed video surveillance cameras to enhance the safety and security of students, residential assistants, employees, and property. The primary intent of these video surveillance cameras is to enhance safety and security while discouraging the occurrence of behavior that violates laws or policies, as well as securing evidence that enhances the likelihood of identifying offenders through post-incident investigations of crimes. Viewing of video surveillance camera footage (either live video footage or recordings) will be conducted only by authorized personnel.

Permanent signage alerting students, employees, and visitors that cameras are in use (but not monitored) is posted in each building. The installation will not reduce staffing levels or supervision of the facility.

Facts about Security Camera Installation

  • Cameras are only placed in common areas. (Cameras will NOT be placed in areas with an expectation of privacy, such as bathrooms or resident rooms.)
  • All camera access points must be approved by our University Police Department.
  • Cameras are motion-activated and, therefore, only record when there is activity.
  • If University Student Housing determines that video footage needs to be removed, it will only be reviewed by individuals with a legitimate need to do so.