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OPSU Employee Orientation Guide

Introduction to the University

Oklahoma Panhandle State University Strategic Plan 

  • Mission: Oklahoma Panhandle State University is rooted in “Progress through Knowledge,” and is committed to
    promoting excellence in the preparation of students for success in a global community.
  • Vision: Oklahoma Panhandle State University, a national leader among regional universities, will empower its
    learners and community through the cultivation of lifelong opportunities.
  • Values:
    • Integrity- We are held accountable to maintain ethical practices
    • Inclusion- We embrace and support our diverse cultures.
    • Excellence- We seek continuous improvement opportunities.
    • Service- We operate as a center for educational and cultural opportunities.
    • Sustainability- We are stewards in the conservation of our resources.
  • Goals: Provide excellence to all stakeholders.
    • Student Learning- Through empowerment, innovation, access, and student centered suppo0rt, Panhandle State will shape lifelong learners and improve student outcomes.
    • Resource Optimization- Engagement, partnerships, and collaboration will empower Panhandle State to cultivate all resources responsibly.
    • Graduate Production- Provide comprehensive student experience focused on promoting excellence across each student’s academic career to graduation and beyond.
    • Life-long Learning- Improve the quality of life and transform the communities we serve through engagement and partnerships.


  • President: Dr. Julie Dinger
    • Administrative Assistant: Calandra Rose, ext. 1302
  • Vice President of Advancement: Dr. Ryan Blanton
    • Administrative Assistant: Calandra Rose, ext. 1302
  • Vice President of Fiscal Affairs: Liz McMurphy


  • College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing
    • Programs:
      • AAS Fire Protection
      • AAS Paramedicine
      • AS Agriculture
      • AS Biology
      • AS Chemistry
      • AS General Studies
      • AS Mathematics
      • AS Physical Science
      • BSN RN to BSN Nursing
      • BS Agribusiness
      • BS Agronomy
      • BS Animal Science
      •  BS Biology
      • BS Chemistry
      • BS Mathematics
      •  BS Physical Science
      • BS Vocational Agricultural Education
  • College of Arts and Education
    • Programs:
      • AS Criminal Justice
      • BS Criminal Justice
      • BA Elementary Education
      • BA English
      •  BA History
      • BFA Fine Arts
      • BM Music
      • BS Health and Physical Education
      • BS Psychology
  • College of Business and Technology
    • Programs:
      • AAS Technology
      • AS Business Administration
      • BBA Accounting
      • BBA Computer Information Systems
      • BIT Industrial Technology
      • BT Technology
      • CERT Welding Technology
      • CERT Wind Energy/ Maintenance Technology
  • Online College
    • Programs:
      • BSN RN to BSN Nursing
      • BBA Business Administration

Staff Offices

Use the personnel directory for all employees, if needed, at Directory – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).

  •  Academic Affairs: Email abby@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1400, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall
  • Academic Records: Email: academicrecords@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1370, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 128
  • Academic Resource Center (ARC): Email: arc@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1558, Office: McKee
    Library 109B
  • Admissions: Email: opsu.admissions@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1396, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 126
  • Athletics: Email: mikab@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1406, Office: McKee Library West
  • Alumni: Email: opsu.alumni@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1390, Office: Hefley Hall 109
  • Business Office: Email: accounts.payable@opsu.edu Phone: 580.349.1552 or 1560, Office:
    Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 111
  • Bursar (Ashlee Bruner): Email: opsubursar@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1363, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 111
  • Communications: Email: opsu.communications@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1356, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 316
  • Career Services: Email: arc@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1558, Office: McKee Library 109B
  • Counseling/Accommodations (Laci Unruh-Merrell): Email: laci.merrell@opsu.edu, Phone:
    580.349.1558, Office: McKee Library 109B
  • Financial Aid: Email: financial.aid@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1580, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow
    Hall 106
  • Human Resources: Email: opsu.jobs@opsu.edu Phone: 580-349-1574
  • Housing: Email: panhandlehousing@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1360, Office: Student Union
    Building 4
  • Information Technology (IT): Email: help@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1380, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall 210
  • International Students Office: Email: opsu.international@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1359, Office:
    Student Union Building, Office 1
  • Panhandle State Foundation: Email: opsufoundation@opsu.edu, Phone: 580.349.1392, Office:
    Hefley Hall 104
  • Registrar: Email: erin.moore@opsu.edu Phone: 580.349.1376, Office: Sewell-Loofbourrow Hall
  • Student Services: Email: laura.hutchinson@opsu.edu Phone: 580.349.1359, Office: Student
    Union Building 1
  • Student Health Clinic: Hours: Monday-Thursday 10A-3P, Phone: 580.349.1358, Office: Student
    Union Building 2
  • Testing: Email: arc@opsu.edu, 580.349.1558, Office: McKee Library 109B

University Hierarchy

Find the link to the organizational work chart here:

Settling In

Aggie Access, Email, and MyOPSU

  • Aggie Access– Aggie Access is the way to gain a login (also called credentials) for school systems including Banner, Email, Printing, ID, etc. Aggie Access is started through turning in the employment packet to Human Resources. Once received, the employee is entered into Banner (a data management system used by the University) to generate their unique ID number. After this is done, the employee is emailed with instructions to set up Aggie Access Self Service. The following web link is an alternative way to get to the Aggie Access activation page: Aggie Access (okstate.edu). To login to Aggie Access, you can use the following link: CAS – Central Authentication Service Login (okstate.edu).
  • Email– Once Aggie Access login exists, use that login for email services. For your information, the password for Aggie Access expires every 120 days and will need to be reset before it expires. If it has expired, click the “Forgot Password” link (Aggie Access (okstate.edu)). A link to the email is on the OPSU website and following, for your convenience: Sign in to your account (microsoftonline.com).
  • MyOPSU- Using the Aggie Access login, login at CAS – Central Authentication Service Login (okstate.edu) to find many services. Those services include: a link to Aggie Access, Self-Service portal, Aggie Scholars (a link to the online Canvas classroom), a link to Aggie Email, Software Distribution, Online Billing, the Aggie Campus ID, and other services depending on your employee classification.

DUO Mobile App

All employees must protect their Aggie Access with an extra layer of security through the DUO mobile service. Use the following link to register: CAS – Central Authentication Service Login (okstate.edu)

Visual Design Standards


Emergency Alerts


You must have an Aggie Access ID number from Human Resources. Give your ID number and position title to the Housing Office in the Student Union Building 4A, and they will get your ID printed. Your university ID is required for admission to the Noble Center, use of campus copiers, and admission to athletic events.


Go to the Housing Office in the Student Union Building 4A, fill out the car registration form, and receive your parking decal. The decals are updated annually in the fall semester.


  • The university offers a limited number of affordable single family and duplex housing units. To apply for university housing, contact the housing office.
  • Payroll deducation payments can be deducted from your paycheck. To setup a payroll deduction, complete this form and return it to the Human Resources Office in Sewell 125G.

Help Tickets

  • Help Tickets: Oklahoma Panhandle State University has two types of help tickets. To access either, go to Help Ticket System – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).
  • IT/Technology: Most major issues should be routed through your immediate supervisor. IT requests that you contact them directly in most cases, using extension 1380. If you are unable to get in touch with them, please submit a help ticket.
  • If you receive an email which looks like it contains a dangerous attachment, you can forward it directly to help@opsu.edu and the system will automatically create a help ticket.
  • Maintenance & Grounds: Most issues should be routed through the building manager. To learn who this is for your building, talk to your immediate supervisor. IF you already have the P Drive, find this information in the Committe Assignment List in the Welcome Back Forms folder in the Shared folder.


  • Extension and Voicemail: To receive your extension and learn how to set up your voicemail, contact Larry Wright in IT to assist. His email is larry@opsu.edu, and his phone extension is 1384.
  • Long Distance Phone Number: If you need to make a long distance phone call from any phone on campus, you will need a phone number to call out. To get a long distance phone number, contact Karen Baur. Her email is karen.bauer@opsu.edu, and her phone extension is 1316.

P Drive

All Aggie Access employee users can use the P Drive, the University file sharing system. To have this added to your account and office compu7ter; contact the IT department by submitting a Help Ticket at Help Ticket System – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).

Copies and Printing

  • Copies: To make copies, employees will need to login using their Aggie Access credentials onto a campus printer.
  • Printing: To print to a campus printer, the computer in use must be paired with the printer by IT. To connect your office computer to the printer, submit a Help Ticket.

Physical Mailbox

  • If you need an OPSU mailbox address for physical work mail, ask your immediate supervisor. If approved, go to Sewell-Loofbourrow 122, the mailroom.
  • Address of the University:
    • P.O. Box 430, Goodwell, OK 73939
  • For packages, the physical address of the University is:
    • 323 West Eagle Blvd., Goodwell, OK 73939.

Name Plate

To get a name plate for your office door/desk, please submit a work order at Help Ticket System – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu). Color choices include OPSU Blue and OPSU Red.



Human Resources

Timesheet and Personal Leave


Benefits are available to full time and three-quarter employees. A quick summary of benefits is below, or you can learn more at https://opsu.edu/human-resources/.  Open enrollment is once a year, employees are notified by email.

  • Health Plans: OPSU offers PPO and HDHP health plans. Employees only, employee and children, employee and spouse, and family options are available. There are two credits which are applicable to the premiums cost. They include a $20/month Biometric credit. Contact Human Resources for more details about premiums and credits.
  • Life Insurance: OPSU pays twice the annual salary of term life insurance, with an age reduction.
  • Long-Term Disability: OPSU pays for long-term disability insurance. It is a 60% income replacement if a claim for the insurance is approved.
  • Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System: OPSU pays 7.527% of an employee’s monthly salary plus fringe benefits (health, life, and disability). OPSU also pays 8.55% of the employee’s membership.
  • Other Benefits: 
    • Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, FICA, and Medicare.
    • Employees can elect to pay for dental, vision, additional life, and other section 125 insurances.
    • Payroll deduction payments can be deducted from your paycheck. Visit the Human Resources Office in Sewell 125G.

Tuition Support 

  • For Full time and permanent employees, some tuition support is offered.
  • One 3 credit hour course each semester (excluding book) at OPSU is free to the employee with supervisor approval.
  • For dependents under 24 years of age, half of tuition is covered for regular coursework at OPSU.
  • To receive these benefits, contact Human Resources.

Staff Evaluations

  • Staff Evaluation Form- Staff do this annually. The staff evaluation is on the P Drive, HR SP-documents. Find more information in the Staff Handbook.
  • Employee Performance Appraisal- Supervisor completes this form for each employee. The employee performance appraisal is on the P
    drive, HR SP-documents. Find more information in the Staff Handbook: https://opsu.edu/app/uploads/2022/12/HR_STAFF_HANDBOOK.pdf .

Purchasing and Travel

For questions, please contact the Business Office at https://opsu.edu/business-office/

Business Cards

To receive business cards, ask your immediate supervisor to assist you in ordering them.

Office Supplies

Each department should have office supplies. Ask your immediate supervisor for their location. if more supplies are needed, go through your immediate supervisor.

OK Corral Permissions

If you will be the purchaser for your department, ask your immediate supervisor to help you get set up with training from the Business Office. To make purchases for your department, the OK Corral system isu sed. It is found at http://okcorral.okstate.edu, or my.opsu.edu under the Finance tab.

P Card

The P-Card is a University credit card. University credit cards are available for full-time employees. If a university credit card is needed, ask your immediate supervisor to request this for you. The P-card Request Form is available at https://opsu.edu/app/uploads/2022/12/PURC_NEW_CARD_REQUEST_FORM.pdf
You will need to attend training.


The travel guide (https://opsu.edu/business-office/business-office-forms/ ) offers an outline of what to do.
For more details, see the Administrative Assistant of Academic Affairs.

Other Benefits and Miscellaneous

Health Clinic

Employees can use the health clinic to meet with a nurse. The University does not cover the employee for
these services.

Wellness Committee

This committee of staff and faculty on campus promotes wellness of employees. Events are done throughout the year including the Lazyman Triathlon and Miles and Miles of Summer.


  • The Noble Center-
    • The Noble Center is a 51,000sq/ft. activity center located on the West end of campus. The facility is open year-round and provides a family friendly environment that is open to all OPSU students and employees as well as area community members.
    • The facility includes an indoor saltwater swimming pool, 2 basketball courts (volleyball conversion available), racquetball facilities, an indoor track and a well-equipped fitness area with both cardio and strength training equipment.
    • Meeting rooms and a student lounge are available for use and may be reserved for special events. The Noble Center offers several classes throughout the year.
    • Staff and their immediate family members may access the facility free of charge with their campus ID. A family ID card may be issued upon request.
    • Please visit the Noble Center webpage to access the family signup form, current hours of operation and additional information.
  • The Walking Trail- There is a walking trail open to the public on the south side of campus and the north side of the train tracks.
  • Free Sporting Events- All OPSU sporting events are free to attend using the employee ID for the employee only.

Professional Headshot

A free professional headshot is offered to all employees. Photos are taken every fall and are emailed to employees later in the semester.

Facilities Request

Anytime a facility of the University will need to be used, a facilities request form must be filled out as completely as possible. For more information, use the following link: https://opsu.edu/app/uploads/2024/01/GNRI_Facility_Requests_Guidelines_Terms_and_Conditions.pdf

The link for the form for facilities requests is following: https://opsu.edu/offices-facilities/events-facilities-request/.


Approval for temporary telecommuting must be endorsed by the unit administrator and/or dean.



Preparing for Class

  • Ordering Textbooks– Ask your department head how to order textbooks or find out which textbooks were previously used for your courses or any anticiapted books to be used.
  • Using Canvas (also called Aggie Scholars)- Canvas is the online platform for courses at the University. To get to Canvas, login to https://my.opsu.edu, then click “Aggie Scholars Online Classroom”. Training for Canvas is offered as a class, “Growing with Canvas” on the instructor dashboard. All courses must have a Course Home. In that course home there must be the following: Syllabus and Course Schedule. Lecture materials should be organized in sequential modules that correspond to the week’s lectures/assignments. The Canvas gradebook must be used and updated regularly for student grades.
  • Library Resources- Contact Tony Hardman at the McKee Library for all resources the library has available for you are your courses. His email is tony.harman@opsu.edu and his phone extension is 1542.
  • Finding and Using Class Lists– Class lists are found by logging in to https://my.opsu.edu, then click Self Service, then Faculty Services, then either “Detail Class List” or “Summary Class List”. You will need to identify the term and then the
  • Academic Calendar and Finals Schedule- These items are found at the following link: Academic Calendar – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu). The current OPSU General Catalog can be found here Course Catalog – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu). Because of required seat time, final exams must be given during the week of finals and not prior.


  • Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism- Report all cases of suspected academic misconduct to the department chair and to the Dean of Student Affairs. The department or college will decide to the academic penalty, Student Affairs will apply Student Code of Conduct provisions to the case and track the individual for further or previous incidents. In the event of plagiarism cases, include a copy of the Turn-It-In analysis in your report to Student Affairs.
  • No Shows– Be aware that after the first week of classes, you will receive an email from the registrar asking you to report which students have not attended your courses. A link to report this becomes available on the faculty tab in Self-Service on https://my.opsu.edu.
  • Midterm Grades– Due dates for these are found on the academic calendar. They are submitted by logging in to https://my.opsu.edu, then clicking on “Self-Service,” then “Faculty,” then “Final Grades.” Put in all final grands and be sure to click “Submit.”

Course Credit Required Seat Time

  • To adhere to the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education policy, all courses should meet at designated times. Because of required seat time, final exams must be given during the week of finals and not prior.
  • For online courses, the Carnegie unit is used to determine equivalent credit hours. For help understanding how to use this, please consult the Online Instruction Policy Committee.

Office Hours

Generally, full-time faculty members should be available on campus daily for student conferences. Full-time faculty members are expected to arrange a schedule of office hours for student conferences each semester, posting on schedule on the office door and furnishing a copy to their Dean and the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. The university requirements for office hours are found in the faculty handbook.


Each semester, a memo is sent out by the Office of Academic Affairs to outline required items that must be included in each syllabus. This memo is found in the P Drive > Shared > that semester’s Welcome Back forms. Faculty will supply their students, dean, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs a copy of each course’s syllabus. This is required to be in the Course Home on Canvas (also called Aggie Scholars) as well.


  • General Education– The General Education Assessment plan is found in the P Drive > Shared > Assessment. All general education coursework is assessed each semester and is due the same time as final grades. For information about what to assess in a general education course, see the assessment plan and discuss with your department head/dean.
  • Program– Each program has its own assessment plan which is due annually the same time as final grades for the Spring Semester. For information about assessments courses in each program must offer, discuss with your department head/dean. Each program’s assessment plan is found in the P Drive > Shared > Program Assessment Plans. You may also contact the Assessment Coordinator for any help needed.

Faculty Evaluation

  • Student Evaluations– Toward the end of each course, a link is sent to each student supplying them with the course evaluation. This is done through EvaluationKit and results will be provided to the faculty member after the end of the semester.
  • Supervisor Evaluation– Each Spring, your immediate supervisor or your college Dean will evaluate your performance using a rubric unique to each college. You will need to sign the evaluation indicating you have seen and discussed results.

Academic Support for Students

  • Advising– Faculty advise students at the University. To assist in this, the P Drive, under Shared, contains an Advising folder of resources. Especially helpful is the Advising Check Sheet and the Curriculum Maps. The current Course Catalog, found on the OPSU website, is also of use. Advisors are also responsible for submitting a graduation evaluation for students. These are found in the P Drive > Advising > The Graduation Evaluation. For a Fall graduation, it is due May 15th. For a Spring graduation, it is due May 15th. For a Spring graduation, it is due July 15th. For a Summer graduation, it is due December 15th. This is to double check and give the student a chance to take a last course if it was missed.
  • Tutor.com– Tutoring resources at the University are offered through tutor.com. To reach this service, students click on their course in Aggie Scholars, then “Resources,” then “tutor.com.” Faculty can inspect the services at tutor.com by contacting the Academic Resource Center to set up an account.
  • Academic Resource Center (ARC)– The many resources found through the Academic Resource Center include testting, disability services, career services, counseling, online and in-person peer mentoring, and tutor.com assistance.
  • El Centro– Resources available through El Centro include free device rentals, Duolingo availability, a lounge, a theater, in-person and online academic coaching, translation services, and cultural community events.

Funding and Professional Development

  • Professional Development Plan and Evaluation – The Dean of your College will send out a link for the Professional Development Plan form every Fall semester for your academic year. Progress will be evaluated every spring as a part of the faculty evaluation.
  • Baughman Funds– These funds are money offered in reimbursement to faculty for professional development purposes. For more details, contact the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • External Funds and Grants– For any external funds and grants, an appointment must be made with the Vice President of Outreach. For this appointment, have all relevant information ready.

OPSU Guidelines and Resources

Campus Map

A map of campus can be found here: https://opsu.edu/app/uploads/2023/01/OPSU-Campus-Map.pdf.

University Policy

Become acquainted with the policies of the university. They are found at Policies & Procedures – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).

Staff Association

  • “The objective of the Staff Association is to act as a collective voice for one of the largest constituencies of the University campus (second only to students) and to provide a forum for dialogue and exchange of rationale among faculty, staff, and those with administrative responsibilities. Such a forum is intended to allow recommendations concerning policies and procedures and effective communication with the administration on ideas that might provide a more positive environment for students, faculty, staff, and administrators.”
  • You can review the Staff Association Bylaws here: Staff Association – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).

Faculty Handbook

This is found on the Policy page for the university: https://opsu.edu/policies-procedures/.

Faculty Senate

“The Faculty Senate will serve as a voice for the faculty of Oklahoma Panhandle State University, as a means of facilitating faculty participation with the administration in the establishment of university policies, and in the formation of procedures for their interpretation.” Faculty Senate – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu)

Student Policy

Policies related to students include the Student Code of Conduct, the Student Handbook, and the Residential Life Handbook can all be found at Student Affairs – Oklahoma Panhandle State University (opsu.edu).