Adjunct New Hiring Procedures

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A background check is required before offering a job to a new adjunct (potential adjunct has never worked for OPSU). After Dean or Department Chair receives clear results, the job offer can be extended to prospective adjunct. OPSU HR must have a current resume and official transcripts on file for new adjunct.

OPSU HR will email the New hire packet to the new adjunct, New Hire Only – Faculty / Staff Employment Packet (PDF). OPSU HR has three (3) days to submit an E-Verify case from the 1st day worked.

In order for a new employee to have access to Aggie Access, the employee must submit the employment packet to HR to be entered into Banner. After the new hire is entered in Banner, an EPAF, electronic personnel action form, is processed. The EPAF has an approver process, the VP approves it and then OSU Payroll approves and applies it to get the HR assignment, this process can take four (4) or more days.

Once the EPAF is applied, an email is sent to the new hire with instructions on how to set up Aggie Access.