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Some of the common classroom accommodations granted include:

  • Extended time on tests 
  • Testing in a separate room
  • Option to take tests orally
  • Option to have tests read
  • Option to have books on CD or Cassette 
  • Use of a word processor for assignments
  • Allowed the use of a tape recorder in class
  • Front row seating
  • Volunteer student note taker or Instructor notes (instructor’s choice)

Disability Accommodation Policy

OPSU will reasonably accommodate otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities unless such accommodation poses undue hardships, resulting in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the service, program, or activity or in undue financial or administrative burdens. The term “reasonable accommodation” is used in its general sense in this policy to apply to employees, students, and visitors. Student requests for reasonable academic accommodation (i.e. learning disability) and requests for physical accommodations (i.e. mobility, vision, hearing) are to be addressed in writing to the Director of Counseling, McKee Library West 107B.

Prior to the beginning of each semester of enrollment (by August 1 for the fall semester; January 1 for the spring semester; May 15 for the summer semester), a student must self identify as an individual with a disability. The student must request accommodations from the Director of Counseling and provide the director with appropriate documentation to substantiate the disability claim. After appropriate evaluation by the Reasonable Accommodations Committee, accommodations will be offered, and upon acceptance by the student, an agreement for such accommodation will be articulated between OPSU and the student. The Director of Counseling will then record the required accommodations in a memo to instructors as requested by the student. All documentation is confidential; therefore, any information pertaining to a student can be released only at the student’s request.

Individuals who have complaints alleging discrimination based upon disability may file those complaints with the University’s Affirmative Action Officer (Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, Sewell-Loofbourrow 138) in accordance with prevailing University discrimination grievance procedures.