Schedule a Counseling Appointment

Students who need help with study skills, coping with the stress of balancing college, work, and a personal life, personal counseling, or who are in a crisis situation can request help by contacting the Counseling Center.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance. When necessary, referrals will be made to appropriate off-campus agencies.

Informational and self-help pamphlets about a variety of issues affecting students today are also available. OPSU is also involved in sponsoring special campus events and screenings targeted toward specific social issues such as eating disorder, alcohol use, depression, and violence.

Online Mental Health Resource

At OPSU, we’re excited to utilize TAO by Uplift as our go-to all-inclusive online resource for mental well-being! We believe in supporting our students in every aspect of life, whether it’s academic success, managing stress, or navigating personal challenges. That’s why we’ve partnered with TAO to offer a safe and inclusive space for everyone. From boosting study skills to handling stress, and from addressing eating disorders to supporting those dealing with substance abuse or depression, OPSU and TAO are here to help you thrive.