Strasner Family

The Panhandle State Association is pleased to announce that the Avis Strasner Family of Keyes is the 2007 Honored Family.

The legacy of the Strasner family and OPSU begins with Avis’s parents, Edgar and Lola (Shields) Wiley who attended high school here in the late 1920s. Avis was born and reared at Keyes and began her education at PAMC in 1952. However, marriage and family delayed Avis from completing her degree until 1962.

Avis began teaching prior to graduation from PAMC. She taught in Oklahoma and New Mexico before moving back to Keyes. Avis retired after 32 years of teaching at Keyes.

Five of the seven children of Don and Avis Strasner—Willy, Bob, Julie, Susan, and Amy—are OPSU graduates. Another daughter, Leah, attended OPSU. Son Tom resides in Keyes.

The reign of Strasner children at OPSU spans more than 20 years. It begins with Willy, who graduated in 1978 with an English degree. Bob followed in 1985 with a Biology degree. Julie graduated in 1987 with a Mass Communications degree, then Susan with Home Economics Education in 1990. Amy was the final graduate in 1993 with a Psychology degree. Leah attended OPSU in the early 1990s.

One theme that runs through the generations of the Avis Strasner family is the great appreciation for education and opportunities from OPSU. The Strasner clan also recalls fond memories of their time in Goodwell.