Bryant Riffe

Bryant Riffe is a 1998 graduate of OPSU, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agribusiness. Riffe is a successful farmer and businessman known for his dedication to the agricultural industry and his community. He has served on several boards and has been recognized for his leadership and service to the industry.

Mr. Riffe has owned and operated the Goodwell car wash since its beginning thirty years ago and has directed nearly all profits from the business to scholarships for OPSU students. His recognition of the importance of education leads him to devote these profits to education and make a tradition of hiring college students to work. He engages these students during their college years at the Goodwell Elevator, which he has managed for forty years. Bryant encourages these students in every way and always prioritizes the students’ educational needs over demands at work. Bryant has been involved in the city and community, giving in many ways. He has served on the Goodwell city council for many years and served numerous terms as Mayor. His servant’s attitude and his appreciation of OPSU make him a true ambassador to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.