George & Edith Waugh

The Panhandle State Association of Alumni and Friends has selected the Waugh Family of Buffalo, Oklahoma as the 2008 Honored Family. The Waugh Family will be honored at Homecoming Saturday, October 25, 2008.

The Waugh family’s presence in Goodwell spans nearly 50 years beginning with the eldest child of George and Edith Waugh. A great grandson graduated in May and other Waugh family members are currently attending OPSU.

George T. Waugh and Edith L. Vanderpool were married in August 1941 and made their home in the Buffalo, Oklahoma area. They moved to Colorado for a few years, but returned to Buffalo where each of their 12 children graduated from Buffalo High School. George completed the 8th grade and Edith received a high school diploma at Buffalo.

George and Edith always encouraged their children to pursue higher education. Even after George passed away in 1967, Edith continued to encourage the children to attend college. The family attributes their mother, Edith, with being the force behind their determination and desire to attend college even though, financially, it was sometimes very difficult. Money was always tight in the family, but there were scholarships available and the children would work and save to help pay for school.

The Waugh’s favored OPSU as it was a smaller college, making it more like home. The faculty and staff were easy to work with and become acquainted with. George and Edith felt it was a good school for their children to begin their education. Then the children could decide what they wanted to do. Some of the children stayed at OPSU and received their degrees while others went on to other colleges to complete their goals.

Eleven of the 12 Waugh children are former students or graduates of OPSU. Some of the second and third generation children are now attending college at OPSU. Gorey, eldest son of George and Edith, began attending school at PAMC in 1959. Gorey’s grandson Zach Waugh graduated in May 2008; another grandson Lance is currently attending. Nearly anyone you speak to that has attended OPSU knows a Waugh or had class with a Waugh. Their attendance streak is perhaps the longest in Panhandle’s nearly 100 year history.

This is not the first award for the Waugh family. In 1992 Edith was made honorary Homecoming parade marshal by Student Senate and the Alumni Association. Edith passed away in 2003. However, this is the first time the Panhandle State Association Honored Family has been bestowed upon the children of George and Edith. Such a family with a long history at Panhandle is deserving of two, if not more, awards.