End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

  • Evaluate the use of information from nursing, scientific, and humanistic disciplines as a generalist nurse to address healthcare needs across the lifespan in diversified healthcare settings. (BSN Essential 1, 9)
  • Illustrate the use of critical thinking and technology for decision-making considering individual differences, ethnic identity, and cultural values. (BSN Essential 7, 4)
  • Analyze the importance of communication and collaboration with other healthcare professionals and members of the general public in promoting health across the lifespan. (BSN Essential 6)
  • Select current evidence for application to nursing practice. (BSN Essential 3)
  • Integrate professional values of nursing by applying nursing knowledge within a variety of healthcare settings. (BSN Essential 8)
  • Justify the use of professionalism and leadership to impact patient outcomes and quality improvement within the healthcare system. (BSN Essential 2, 5)