Amanda Beasley

Oct 23, 2023

Natasha Eidson

Amanda Beasley Named Interim Dean for the College of Business and Technology

The College of Business and Technology at OPSU named Amanda Beasley as the Interim Dean, effective October 17. This appointment, coming from Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Theresa Billiot, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to reshape and enhance business education.

Dr. Billiot stated, “The deans and I are excited to work with Amanda on how to reimagine business education so we can accelerate and innovate student learning opportunities while helping them gain real-world professional experience.”

Beasley’s impressive background makes her an ideal candidate to lead this endeavor. Her extensive experience includes working in various sectors, ranging from public accounting to private construction accounting, and corporate retail management. These diverse experiences have cultivated a deep understanding of people and their needs, which fuels her passion for building stronger relationships with potential employers and giving students the opportunities to build on those relationships.

Beasley is a Texhoma native, and she has lived in the region throughout her life. She began her academic journey at OPSU and graduated in 1998 with a BBA in Accounting and CIS. Her dedication to learning and professional development led her to complete another BBA in Finance from OPSU in 2018 and an MBA from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2019. Furthermore, Beasley earned her CPA certificate in 2002, cementing her expertise in accounting and finance.

When asked about her initiatives as the Interim Dean, Beasley shared her vision, saying, “I think accreditation for our business programs is very important and could move COBT to the next level. It would be a badge of honor for our great program and professors. I want to see both the Accounting and CIS majors’ numbers increase over the next year by actively recruiting and letting potential students know what we have to offer.”

Beasley also highlighted the evolving landscape of the business world and the need for adaptability among students, stating, “As the applicant pool continues to shrink, many employers need employees who can wear multiple hats and be effective. AI is continually evolving and will change the view of companies and their workforces. Looking at gaps in some industries, particularly accounting, I would encourage students to do their research to determine where they fit into the ever-changing business environment.”

With her extensive background, Amanda Beasley is well-prepared to guide the College of Business and Technology towards excellence, not only by pursuing accreditation and expanding academic programs but also by fostering a dynamic learning environment that equips students for the challenges of the modern business landscape.

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