First-Time Freshmen

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Welcome, New Aggies!

We’re here to help you during your transition to our Aggie Community. On this page, you will learn about the Aggie way of life.

4 students standing on campus with the clocktower in the background

Orientation and Enrollment

All first-time freshmen at OPSU are required to attend our New Student Orientation. Students learn how to create a pathway toward academic and personal success, navigate campus to adjust to campus life, and register for courses. Students will also learn about campus activities and resources and meet with academic advisors to discuss majors and degree programs.

Family Engagement

Your family is invited to experience our tight-knit community!

Creating and engaging with the whole family is a way of life at OPSU. We welcome your family to our events, but attending new student orientation is optional. Family members will gain access to information on how to help you achieve academic success and transition to college.

Financial Planning Workshops

Meet with our Financial Aid team for personalized, individual assistance.

We understand that college is an investment for your future. Our team wants to assist you with finding scholarships and providing you with budget options to help you. In addition, our team will help you learn about credit scores and various types of investments.

Academic Coaches

Academic coaches assist in training your brain to take your academic success to the next level.

Just like athletic coaches teach people to use their bodies efficiently, academic coaches teach students to use their minds fully. Our academic coaches empower students as they navigate through the academic demands of their classes.

Because college is different from high school, academic coaching can provide new students with the appropriate tools to help them succeed in the classroom.

Academic coaches:

  • Serve as your guide and mentor.
  • Provide students with individualized assistance to help them learn new concepts and complete assignments.
  • Clarify and review course concepts and explain processes.
  • Help students solve specific problems.
  • Personalize the emphasis and content of each coaching session for each student and their specific academic needs.