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Percussion and brass marching band members practice on the football field
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Music is an expensive proposition in terms of time, manpower and money, and your assistance in any of these is deeply appreciated. There are many ways to support the Music Department, including the following:

Come to a concert or performance! 
We want to see you in our audience, enjoying the fruits of our labors. Our concerts are generally free for children and seniors, as well as OPSU students and staff, although our musical theatre production is costly, so all attendees must pay. We guarantee that you have as much fun enjoying as we do performing!

Join an OPSU ensemble! 
Participate with us and enrich your own life as well as that of our students by sharing your musical gifts!

Help us behind the scenes! 
If you have a talent or gift to contribute that doesn’t involve performing, please let us know. Not every effort involves performing onstage or paying money. We often need logistical help, costume creation, loans of equipment, or set design, particularly for our musical theatre production. If you want to lend a helping hand, just let us know.

Commission a new work! 
A new composition is always an exciting opportunity for students and faculty to be a part of creating a piece of music that didn’t exist before. Whether you have a composer in mind or not, we would be honored to participate in the process of bringing life to new music!

Make a donation! 
The Panhandle State Foundation is the custodian of the Music Support Fund and will gladly accept your tax-deductible donation of any size to assist our programs, generally bringing in guest artists, sending students to musical events around the region, and assisting in buying needed equipment. You could sponsor a specific project, such as a guest artist or concert production, or simply allow your money to be used where it is needed most.

Start or support a scholarship! 
The Panhandle State Foundation also maintains and oversees endowed scholarships, including several that are specifically intended for music students. You could give to an existing scholarship or endow a new one to help OPSU’s music students realize their potential!

To discuss giving opportunities, contact the Panhandle State Foundation or Zachary Cooke.