Golden Mesa Casino OPSU Business Partner 2024

Mar 14, 2024

Natasha Eidson

Golden Mesa Casino Receives Regents Business Partnership Excellence Awards

Oklahoma Panhandle State University celebrated its partnership with the Golden Mesa Casino at the 2024 Oklahoma State Regents Business Partnership event on March 8. OPSU and the Golden Mesa Casino have developed an exceptional partnership since its opening in 2019. Golden Mesa Casino has supported OPSU in many facets, including OPSU Athletics, the Business Department, and the College of Business and Technology. Golden Mesa Casino is a leading partner in regional workforce development.

The Regents Business Partnership Excellence Award is designed to highlight successful partnerships between business and community partners. Reflecting on the significance of this partnership, Dr. Julie Dinger, President of OPSU, stated, “Golden Mesa Casino has been a tremendous asset to our region, not only through its economic contributions but also its commitment to investing in education and workforce development. Their partnership with OPSU serves as a model for impacting communities.” 

Golden Mesa Casino has shown its dedication to higher education by providing scholarships for its employees to pursue additional business courses at OPSU. In 2023, Golden Mesa Casino assisted OPSU in funding scholarships for a new micro-credential program for its employees. This initiative benefits its employees and enriches the region by equipping individuals with specialized skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s competitive job market.

Dr. Ryan Blanton, Vice President of Advancement at OPSU, commented, “The collaboration between Golden Mesa Casino and Panhandle State exemplifies the power of strategic partnerships in advancing educational and economic objectives. We are grateful for this shared partnership with them and look forward to the great work we will continue to do for our region.”

Golden Mesa Casino has actively engaged with OPSU students by offering them priority in the employment interview process. With flexible scheduling options accommodating students’ class commitments, the casino has created valuable opportunities for students to gain practical experience while pursuing their academic goals. Additionally, the casino provides internships in various operational areas, offering students valuable hands-on experience and insights into the gaming and hospitality industry.

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