Study Assesses Capital Needs

Oct 20, 2023

Natasha Eidson

OPSU Recognized at State Capitol During Interim Study for Capital Needs

Oklahoma Panhandle State University President Dr. Julie Dinger joined a panel of educational leaders to discuss the capital needs of regional and rural colleges and universities in the state during an interim study held on October 17 at the State Capitol. This study was held by Oklahoma House of Representatives Speaker Pro Tempore Kyle Hilbert and Minority Leader Cyndi Munson.

President Dinger’s testimony before the House Higher Education & CareerTech Committee highlighted her commitment to improving the University’s facilities and resources. The panel emphasized the crucial role that institutions play in preparing students for diverse careers and enhancing the economic development of local communities. During her presentation, President Dinger highlighted OPSU’s relentless pursuit of external grants and partnerships with other entities to share costs, ensuring the university’s ability to meet the evolving needs of its students and staff. She emphasized the importance of keeping students at the heart of our decision-making, especially as we work to keep higher education accessible and affordable for all.

President Dinger also highlighted the critical infrastructure upgrades and the challenges arising from unexpected cost increases, such as energy usage and property insurance. The university is contending with multiple increases in mandatory costs including property insurance and energy costs. President Dinger led the conversation about the unique challenges faced by rural higher education, especially with regards to the added time and costs associated with addressing capital needs for our rural colleges and universities. She asked for support from the Legislature to consider funds to help the University invest in facilities and infrastructure in ways that would reduce operating costs and ultimately save taxpayers money. President Dinger also highlighted OPSU’s commitment to safety, accessibility, and technology upgrades to meet the evolving needs of students and staff.

“Thank you to Speaker Pro Tempore Hilbert and Minority Leader Munson for allowing me the opportunity to speak on this important subject. We are passionate about what we do, and we are so thankful you are willing to hear from us and what our capital needs are.” Stated President Dinger.

Read the article from the House of Representatives.

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