Historic Homecoming

Oct 16, 2023

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Aggie Nation Sets a New Standard with Record In-Person Enrollment & Historic Homecoming

As the fall semester begins at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, the campus is alive and active. This academic year has witnessed an incredible milestone as we proudly welcomed a record number of in-person students since prior to the pandemic. With 63% of OPSU students engaging in in-person learning, this is a 9% increase from in-person enrollment last fall. This surge in attendance laid the foundation for one of the most remarkable Homecoming celebrations in recent memory.

University President, Dr. Julie Dinger, expressed her enthusiasm about this remarkable achievement, saying, “This is a testament to the exceptional quality of education we offer at OPSU. We are thrilled to see so many new faces join our community and are committed to ensuring that they have a fulfilling and successful academic journey.”

The university reported a remarkable increase in Fall enrollment, reflecting the institution’s unwavering commitment to providing a dynamic and engaging educational experience. The surge in headcount was especially notable for in-person attendance, underlining the university’s dedication to fostering a vibrant campus community.

With all the new faces on campus joined with alumni and the community, Homecoming weekend was the perfect opportunity to celebrate where we’ve been and look forward to where we’re going. This was never more evident than during the Homecoming football game , where the Aggie Nation flooded Anchor D Stadium in a sea of red and blue. The Aggies not only reached new heights on the field but also in the hearts of their dedicated supporters. The success of the Homecoming weekend would not have been possible without the dedication of countless individuals, including the Homecoming committee, the university’s administration, and the spirited student body. Their collective efforts ensured that this year’s celebration was an extraordinary display of Aggie pride.

As the fall semester unfolds, OPSU is committed to nurturing the potential of each student and providing the support they need to succeed academically, personally, and professionally. The record-breaking enrollment and the enthusiasm of our incoming students only reinforce the university’s dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning community.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Dr. Theresa Billiot, stated, “We are honored to have students back to OPSU this fall with many events for them to take part in. Together, we will work to ensure their dreams become reality and their time here is marked by achievement, discovery, and personal growth.”

With the record number of in-person students and an array of exciting activities, the fall semester is off to a fantastic start. As we look forward to the adventures and accomplishments ahead, it’s clear that this academic year holds great promise for all who call OPSU home.

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