Dr. Wagenbach

Jul 5, 2023

Natasha Eidson

The College of Arts and Education Names Dr. Wagenbach Associate Dean

Dr. Rebekah Wagenbach has been appointed as Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Education. Dr. Wagenbach brings a diverse skill set which includes a strong foundation in outreach, sales, and marketing, along with a passion toward recruitment.

Dr. Wagenbach received her doctorate in Public Policy and Administration in 2022 from Walden University. Prior to OPSU, Dr. Wagenbach served in Admissions for international students at Wichita State University, where her expertise will benefit OPSU to expand student enrollment in this market.

“We have so many good things happening here! I can’t wait to help showcase them to the state and the nation,” said Dr. Wagenbach.

Dr. Wagenbach is also dedicated to improving the reputation of the academic programs, with a specific focus on how the programs serve the Panhandle region and the state of Oklahoma.

“She brings extensive experience with “boots on the ground recruiting” and “customer relationship management software” that can help improve the enrollment management process for the College of Arts and Education,” stated Dr. Theresa Billiot, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Dr. Wagenbach’s appointment as the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Education at Oklahoma Panhandle State University began July 1, 2023.

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