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Mar 7, 2023

Panhandle State Communications

College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing Shaping Oklahoma’s Workforce

The College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing at Oklahoma Panhandle State University plays a critical role in building the state’s economy by building reputable academic programs and producing top graduates. With each program, the college prepares students for careers in agriculture and related industries by providing practical, hands-on projects and learning from top faculty members with proven experience in their fields.

With Oklahoma being the country’s fifth largest cattle producer, a significant need for animal science graduates, who are knowledgeable in areas such as genetics, reproduction, and nutrition, exists. Therefore, OPSU’s animal science program is designed to prepare students to meet these industry needs. Students dive deep into these subject areas by engaging in labs, internships, and research projects, while also making industry connections with business leaders.

The college has made a significant impact on the state’s economy by working with the cattle industry. OPSU has partnered with Five Rivers Cattle and CSS Farms to ensure our students have the skills to move their businesses forward successfully. By bridging the industry and the classroom, students graduate with an in-depth understanding of solving industry problems.

In addition to animal science, the college’s RN to BSN program meets the state’s demand for healthcare professionals. The program emphasizes the advantages of earning your bachelor’s in nursing to increase earning potential, expand career opportunities, learn beyond the clinical setting, and positively impact patient outcomes. BSN-prepared nurses have knowledge and skills beyond the clinical setting and can seek job opportunities in management settings and leadership roles.

The College of Agriculture, Science, and Nursing at OPSU continuously serves the Panhandle region by identifying problems they can solve in their educational programs. For example, the college launched the first Panhandle Teaching and Learning event on Friday, February 24, in the McKee Library Auditorium. The main topic focused on how we increase food production in the Great Plains by addressing specific issues such as water drought, pest control, food security, sustainability, etc. Panhandle Teaching and Learning aims to build an ecosystem of faculty, staff, students, alumni, businesses, and nonprofits to cross-collaborate so we can develop innovative solutions together to achieve progress.

Driven to serve Oklahoma’s economy, the college consistently develops innovative practices to help students succeed, support faculty, and make significant contributions to our communities.

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