May 18, 2023

Natasha Eidson

OPSU Sets Remarkable Milestone for Five Guymon High School Students in the Early College High School Program

Oklahoma Panhandle State University graduated five Guymon High School students on May 12 at 9am at Anchor D Stadium before receiving their high school diplomas. These outstanding individuals are part of the Early College High School Program offered by Panhandle State. The program allows motivated students to accelerate their academic journey by simultaneously pursuing college coursework alongside their high school studies.

OPSU President, Dr. Julie Dinger, stated, “The Early College High School Program at OPSU provides a unique opportunity for talented students to challenge themselves academically and unlock their full potential. With the guidance and support of dedicated faculty members and a comprehensive curriculum, these five remarkable individuals have seized the opportunity to excel beyond expectations.”

The following students have demonstrated exceptional commitment, determination, and academic progress in completing their college degrees:

  1. Khaleb Diaz-Alvarez
  2. Kenna Garcia
  3. Ariel Mata
  4. Emma Montgomery
  5. Jimmy Pham

These students have demonstrated unwavering dedication, balancing the rigors of college coursework while successfully navigating their high school responsibilities. Their extraordinary achievements are a testament to their remarkable work ethic, resilience, and commitment to their education.

The Early College High School Program at OPSU is designed to give students a head start in their academic and professional pursuits. Students gain valuable skills, experience, and college credits that can significantly impact their future educational endeavors by offering dual enrollment options and access to college-level courses.

Guymon Public Schools Superintendent, Dixie Purdy, expresses immense pride in these five extraordinary students, stating, “I am so grateful these students had this wonderful opportunity to excel in their academics through OPSU coursework. We appreciate the valuable partnership we have with the University and this wonderful program they offer our students.”

The Guymon High School graduation ceremony is set for May 19 at 8pm at Memorial Stadium on the Carl & Lou McKinnon Field. 

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