2019 11 07 Beethoven Piano Recital Flyer 900

Nov 7, 2019

Panhandle State Communications

Beethoven 250th Anniversary Piano Recital

Saturday, November 9, OPSU will host a celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s music in a solo performance by Dr. Lucy Tan in the Centennial Theatre at 7PM and will run close to an hour and a half with a brief intermission. The Beethoven’s 250th Anniversary Piano Recital is in honor of the composer and his music. Dr. Tan wants anyone and everyone to be there!
When asked about the purpose of this event, Dr. Tan said that she wants it to be “an opportunity for people to become educated on Beethoven and classical music.” Her ambition in bringing this recital to OPSU is that she wanted to bring a big city cultural experience to a smaller rural setting. Dr. Tan has been in music for next to 25 years playing the piano. She is in her third year of teaching at OPSU. Dr. Tan’s favorite part of teaching is working with driven students who are passionate about music.
Don’t miss out on the chance to expose yourself to a new experience on Saturday night at the Centennial Theatre at 7PM.

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