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Aug 23, 2022

Panhandle State Communications

Record Breaking Summer Enrollment for Panhandle State

Oklahoma Panhandle State University set a record-breaking summer enrollment in both headcount and credit hours that have never been seen in university history. The 2022 Summer sessions saw an increase of 12% in headcount and 22% increase in credit hours from the 2021 Summer sessions.

“This record-breaking session was a collaboration and expansion of classes and support services for our students. Our community is committed to expanding access and improving student success. I am so thankful for the faculty and staff who made this possible,” stated University President Dr. Dinger.

Most students taking online courses over the summer were working or living at home. The courses offered over Summer 2022 were primarily online, with over 3,900 credit hours. The traditional courses for the summer made up around 130 credit hours. With interest in more online courses, students can live off campus, work, and more all while moving closer to graduation. The online coursework also accommodates students around the world.

Director of Admissions Brooke Morgan commented, “This summer we wanted to focus our efforts on retention with current students. We started this effort by campaigning for summer classes for students who wanted to get ahead or catch up with their studies. In addition to OPSU offering online courses, it has allowed our students more access to enroll in classes. I am beyond proud of OPSU for reaching record-breaking enrollment for the summer. I hope to see enrollment continue to increase as we move forward into the upcoming semesters.”

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