Charla Lewis

Dec 8, 2020

Panhandle State Communications

Charla Lewis Elected To Faculty Advisory Council for the State Regents

Charla Lewis has been elected to serve on the Faculty Advisory Council for the State Regents. The Faculty Advisory Council communicates the views and interests of all Oklahoma college and university faculty to the Chancellor and the State Regents. In this position, Lewis will represent OPSU and our region while developing proposals and recommendations to the State Regents.

University President Dr. Tim Faltyn stated, “I speak for everyone when I say we are always so proud of our people at Panhandle State when they step up to be leaders in our state. Charla Lewis is an excellent advocate for faculty and her students in her work here on campus, and I know she will be the same dedicated, thoughtful, tireless leader as a member of the Faculty Advisory Council to the State Regents.”

The FAC consists of 14 members elected by tier by the State Faculty Assembly at its annual fall meeting, and they are appointed by the Chancellor. She was elected to serve as a delegate to represent the regional universities in the State system. Lewis was qualified for the nomination as she is the President of the Faculty Senate at Panhandle State.

Lewis stated, “We each got a chance to introduce ourselves and state our cases as to why we’d like to be on the council. My argument was that I’d like to represent OPSU as a rural voice from the most western part of the state because I think we often get ignored by those from downstate.”

Provost, Dr. Julie Dinger, commented, “It is fantastic that Ms. Lewis is bringing an OPSU perspective to this state-level group. I believe Charla will be a great addition to the council, she will help drive policy to support all faculty in Oklahoma but especially faculty from the western region of the state.”

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