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Feb 21, 2019

Panhandle State Communications

Annual Art Auction Set for First of March

Goodwell, Okla. — For almost twenty years, the Paul Farrell Memorial Art Auction has brought fresh ideas and artwork to the Panhandle. Its host, Oklahoma Panhandle State University, has over a dozen young artists and over fifty art pieces on display for auction visitors to admire at the Pickle Creek Event Center on March 1st.

The night is full of food, fun, entertainment, and art with festivities kicking off at 6 p.m. during a social hour. Throughout that first hour, attendees will have the chance to visit with the artists, hit the appetizers and refresh one’s palette while taking in bids in the silent portion of the auction.

Dinner will begin at 7 p.m., catered by Hunny’s BBQ; the auction features a prime rib dinner with all of the sides as well as live music by Travis Hathcote and Guy Langham. The live auction will start at 8 p.m. with auction bosses Mike and Becky Gatlin of Gatlin Auction. The live auction features the work of OPSU art faculty members, students, and alumni.

Amanda Breeden, a freshman at Panhandle State, stated, “I transferred because I wanted to obtain an art degree and focus on my art skills and develop them. I found out about OPSU in high school through the Art Jubilee and received guidance from my high school art teacher.”

When asked about the inspiration behind her auction entries, she replied, “’First Storm’ was a photo I took when I first moved to Oklahoma and I experienced my first tornado warning and was fascinated by all the cloud formations.” About her second piece, she says, “for ‘Sunny Desert’, I was talking to a friend about places we’d like to visit one day and he sent me a picture of a vacation spot he had visited with his family. I liked how the sunset reflected on the rocks and decided I needed to paint it.”

Kayli Grove, a sophomore at Panhandle State commented, “it challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and tests my limits.” Concerning why she chose art, she said, “I’ve always had a passion for it, since I was young, and I decided to pursue it on a collegiate level. The staff here are very fun and outgoing people and you can relate to everybody on a personal level and that’s really helped me develop my art.”

Daisy Recinos is a senior who recently entered the art program. When questioned about why she changed majors, she corrected, “actually I didn’t change majors—I am seeking two degrees. My last semester [of getting my last degree], all I needed was a few electives, so I took art classes because they’d benefit my future career. I had so many people telling me I should stay and get a degree in art. (laughs) Sandra finally convinced me.”

When asked what inspired her Paul Farrell pieces, a 3D piece and a painting, “animals,” she said, “I love animals because they’re so cute and fierce and I wanted to challenge myself.” Recinos has chosen painting as an emphasis to her art degree. She commented, “I want to be a pastry chef and that’s basically what’s used—painting and air brush.”

These artists and the many others in the Paul Farrell Memorial Art Auction look forward to sharing their work and personal stories with our local communities. To purchase tickets, please visit pfmaa.opsu.edu

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