The Panhandle State choir hosted its first annual Christmas Gala on December 1st. —Photo by Meghan Gates

Dec 5, 2018

Panhandle State Communications

First Christmas Gala was a Night of Enchantment

Goodwell, Okla. — On a chilly winter’s evening, the Panhandle State choir hosted its first annual Christmas Gala. December 1st marked a night filled with incredible dining and music in a winter wonderland setting.

Guests from all over the region made their way to Panhandle State’s ballroom to be greeted by the choir members and confirm their registrations. Ticket sales were successful and the music programs were able to receive generous sponsorships as well. As the attendees made their way through the Christmas trees decorated with simple white lights, they posed for a photo op in a decked-out sleigh before taking their seats.

The lights were dim, but the ambiance was tantalizing. Christmas lights were strung from tree to tree, casting lights to the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A grand piano flanked with risers for the singers was front and center, begging to be played and fill the ballroom with its magical notes. Low chatting and murmurs could be heard throughout, commenting on the beautiful centerpieces and décor, anxiously waiting the concert that was about to be experienced.

Soon after all were seated at their tables, the student choir broke into song, filling the air. This was only the first of many sets throughout the evening. The mixture of Christmas and classical music was perfect for the theme of the Gala. Between sets, the choir members served the different courses for the meal, dressed in their tuxedos and long black gowns.

There was an overwhelming sense of impression throughout the ballroom and guests were often overheard expressing excitement and enjoyment. The music coupled with food created such an elegant evening. Multiple solos and small ensembles, including a harpist and trumpet player, were in the mix as well. For the finale, the entire choir joined together for their last set. Lovely music once again filled the atmosphere and finished with a standing ovation for the Panhandle State choir.

If you missed this year’s Christmas Gala, there will be another one during the next holiday season! Get your tickets and sponsorships early as they sell fast. All proceeds go to supporting the Panhandle State choir.

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