Withdrawal from the Institution

A student who finds it necessary to withdraw from the University before the close of the semester should go to the Office of Academic Records to begin the official withdrawal process. The student will be given honorable dismissal upon the presentation to the Office of the Registrar of a clearance sheet bearing the signatures of the University Bookstore manager, McKee Library director, the housing supervisor, the Financial Aid director, Dean of Student Affairs, and the business office cashier.

Grades in the courses in which the student is enrolled at the time of withdrawal are determined by the regulations given within the section “Adding and Dropping Courses.” The fact that the student may have withdrawn does not alter the scholarship probation requirements. Leaving college without completing the withdrawal process will result in the recording of “F” in all courses in which the student was enrolled.

The last day to withdraw is also the last day to drop a class. A withdrawal is not complete until the completed withdrawal form, with all signatures, is filed at the Office of the Registrar.

Military Withdrawal

Policy Statement – Military Activation of Currently Enrolled Students

Any currently enrolled student called to active duty with a reporting date prior to the end of the academic term will be afforded the following options:

Option A

Withdraw from all courses with no penalty, full refund, and no record of enrollment (full cancellation of enrollment for the active term).

Option B

Be awarded “Incomplete” grades for all classes in the active term in which a regular grade has not been earned or awarded.

  1. In those cases where a regular grade has been earned or awarded, the regular grade will supersede an “Incomplete” grade.
  2. “Incomplete” grade forms will indicate the required remaining work to be completed.
  3. The time limit for completion of an “Incomplete” is now set at one year by OSRHE policy. If this option is exercised by the student, OPSU will attempt to set the completion time as the longer of established OSRHE time limit or three months from release of active duty or discharge from military service, as applicable (approval of OSRHE required).

Provisions of this policy

  1. No combinations of the two options will be approved. Either option “a.” or option “b.” must be selected and will apply to the entire term schedule.
  2. Official military orders will be the determining documentation for application of the provisions of this policy. A copy of the official military orders showing activation or recall and, if applicable, release from active duty or discharge will be on file with the Office of the Registrar.