Logos and Flyers


Primary Logo: The P

The P has become the most recognizable aspect of OPSU’s branding. Because of it’s significance to the university, there are guidelines to how it should and should not be used.


  1. Use Official Versions: Always use the official versions of the OPSU logo provided by the university’s branding department. Ensure you have access to high-resolution files for both digital and print use.
  2. Maintain Proportions: Maintain the original proportions of the logo. Never stretch, compress, or alter its dimensions, as this can distort the logo’s integrity.
  3. Respect Clear Space: Provide adequate clear space around the logo to maintain its visual impact. Avoid crowding it with other elements or text.
  4. Use Correct Colors: Use the specified color palette for the logo. Typically, this includes the red P and any accompanying elements. Avoid changing the colors to maintain brand consistency.
  5. Background Contrast: Place the logo on a background that provides sufficient contrast to ensure readability and visibility.
  6. Ensure Readability: If the logo includes any text, ensure that it remains legible even at smaller sizes.
  7. Keep Backgrounds Simple: If using the logo on a patterned or textured background, ensure it doesn’t distract from the logo’s focus.
  8. Test on Different Media: Before finalizing, test the logo across various media, such as print, digital screens, merchandise, and stationery, to ensure it appears correctly in all formats.


  1. Alter the Design: Do not alter or modify the logo in any way, including changing its proportions, colors, or layout.
  2. Use Unapproved Colors: Avoid using colors not specified in the official color palette. This helps maintain consistent brand identity.
  3. Add Effects: Refrain from adding drop shadows, gradients, or other visual effects to the logo, as it can compromise its clarity and legibility.
  4. Overlap with Other Elements: Avoid overlapping the logo with other graphics, text, or images, as it can make the design cluttered and less effective.
  5. Use as the First Letter of a Word: Do not use the logo as the first letter of a word in any text. The logo should only be used as a standalone visual representation and not as part of any textual content.
  6. Use Low-Quality Images: Never use low-resolution or pixelated versions of the logo, as it reflects poorly on the university’s image.
  7. Use Outdated Versions: Ensure you are using the latest version of the logo. Discontinue using any outdated or retired versions.
  8. Change Typography: If the logo includes text, don’t alter the font or typography used. Use the original specified font.
  9. Use Unofficial Variations: Avoid using unofficial variations of the logo or versions created by unauthorized sources.

By following these guidelines, OPSU’s logo will maintain its intended impact and serve as an effective representation of the university’s brand.

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Secondary Logos and Flyers

The different campus sports teams and organizations have different OPSU logos that can be used on individual marketing pieces.

You can access them here:


Oklahoma Panhandle State University – Type

P – No Fill

P – White Fill

Panhandle State Foundation

Aggie Mascot

Panhandle State Foundation – SEAL

To request a new logo for your organization or submit one for approval, please fill out a Marketing Request located here. You can also use this form to request a flyer for an upcoming campus event.