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The OPSU campus will be closed on Thursday, June 20th, due to the widespread flooding. Campus will reopen on Monday, June 24th. If you live on campus and experience issues from the flooding, please enter a help ticket. The Physical Plant will not be able to address any issues quickly, but will work to assess and make repairs as they are able.
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Pets and Emotional Support Animals

Learn more about our policies regarding pets and emotional support animals living on campus.

Everyday House Pets

Everyday house pets are prohibited from living on campus under all circumstances.

Service Animals

Service animals are permitted. The University will do its best to house students with service animals according to their preferences as listed on the housing application. If that is not possible, a private room in Holter Hall or the annex will be provided.

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)

Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) are permitted, given the student completes the required steps prior to bringing the animal to on-campus housing. Students are required to submit the necessary paperwork to the Disabilities Coordinator prior to the animal’s arrival on campus. Certifying an animal through any means other than through the University’s Disabilities Coordinator is not sufficient. Once your ESA has been approved, you will be charged a one-time pet fee of $200. Any student that brings an unauthorized pet to campus prior to approval will be 1) charged a $200 pet violation fee that will not be considered their pet fee, 2) declined for an ESA within the term they brought the unauthorized pet, and 3) at risk for being placed on housing probation by the Dean of Student Affairs.

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