Parker McIntyre

Nov 2, 2023

Lauren Bullard

Parker McIntyre, OPSU’s Leading Goat Tyer, Secures Four Consecutive First-Place Finishes

In a remarkable achievement for the Central Plains Region, Junior Goat Tyer Parker McIntyre of Oklahoma Panhandle State University has clinched an unmatched four consecutive first-places finishes in this year’s rodeo season. McIntyre’s unprecedented winning streak has firmly established her as a trailblazer in collegiate rodeo, setting a new standard of excellence. Behind this record-breaking achievement lies a foundation of unwavering family support, unrelenting determination, and a deep-seated passion for the sport that has been with Parker her whole life.

Head women’s rodeo coach at OPSU, Shelbie Rose, said of Parker’s achievements, “Parker’s exceptional success in the rodeo arena is a testament to her unwavering commitment, talent, and true cowgirl spirit she embodies, and it’s a source of immense pride for all of us at OPSU. Parker’s success highlights the values we work to instill in all our athletes, hard work, determination, and a love for the sport. We’re thankful to have her as part of our rodeo family, and we’re excited to watch her continue to compete as the season progresses.”

McIntyre’s journey in Goat Tying began at just five years old, a tradition passed down from her mother. Reflecting on her early days as cowgirl, Parker said “Rodeo has been a huge part of my family and goat tying has always been a favorite for the girls throughout the years.” Parker’s deep family roots in the sport have provided her with a strong foundation, firmly supporting her remarkable success in the rodeo arena.

For Parker, the thrill of competing lies in the balance between control and the adrenaline rush that comes with Goat Tying. She explains, “The more you practice, the more control you have in every situation thrown at you.” Her dedication to honing her skills and maintaining composure in the face of challenging situations is a testament to her commitment to the sport.

Throughout her rodeo journey, Parker has faced her fair share of personal challenges, particularly the mental battle of overthinking every move. She notes, “Over the years, one of the main obstacles I’ve had to overcome is the constant mental struggle of overthinking.” She learned that genuine preparedness leads to instinctive reactions in the arena, a valuable lesson instilled by her father.

Looking ahead, Parker shares her aspirations, “My goals include winning our region in Goat Tying and hopefully following in my dad’s footsteps and bringing a national title home from Casper.” These goals not only reflect her commitment to personal excellence but also symbolize the strong legacy of rodeo success within her family, a legacy she’s determined to continue. Parker’s dedication and perseverance are set to drive her towards these goals, marking her as a rising star in the world of collegiate rodeo.

Parker is quick to acknowledge the invaluable support system that has stood by her throughout her journey. She expresses her gratitude, saying “I have to say I am extremely blessed in the supporters department.” She extends her thanks to her father, Josh McIntyre; Ry Clark; Shelly Meier; her coach, Shelbie Rose; Cheyanne Bartling; her mother, Torri Dew; her grandparents; and all her amazing friends that have supported her throughout her collegiate career. “All these people have given me a million words of encouragement that I couldn’t do without, and I can’t express how much I appreciate it.”

With the season at its halfway point, McIntyre has faced tough competition from her fellow athletes. Her determination and grit along with her precision and speed have set her apart as one of the best in the region. Parker’s focus and commitment to the sport have been evident at each rodeo so far this season. Her consistency in delivering outstanding performances has made her one to watch as the season progresses.

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