Audrey Brooks

Dec 14, 2022

Panhandle State Communications

Audrey Brooks announced as 2022 Alumni on the Move

Audrey Brooks is a native of Guymon, Oklahoma. After high school, Audrey pursued a career as a professional dancer and performer where she later went on tour. Although she did not attend college immediately after high school, she studied at Denver Center for Performing Arts. Brooks then transferred to Panhandle State to finish her degree.

Brooks graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts. She came to OPSU to focus on classes with the information she needed like management, marketing, computers as well as the arts. Brooks’s plan was not necessarily to get a degree but to focus on learning as many of the necessary skills for the real world.

Her favorite thing about OPSU is the people, all the employees make up a large family. Brooks’s best memory at OPSU is working with instructors on projects or shows. She said, “Panhandle has amazing instructors that have become lifelong friends. Half the classes I took were because I liked the instructor or the topic. I have a lot of extra classes on top of my degree. I still take classes occasionally.”

Even after college, she is still in the entertainment business where she dances, sings, and acts but she also produces commercials, films, plays, does choreography, and teaches acting. Her husband is Stacy Nordquist, Head of the Health and Physical Education department and an announcer for athletics. They are both very active on campus as alumni, especially in athletics. They currently live on campus and love living in the end zone and watching practices and games and being in the middle of all of the events at OPSU.

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