Katie Robertson and Johanna Mergelman

Jul 20, 2022

Panhandle State Communications

OPSU Meat Lab Awarded Overall Champions in Iowa

The OPSU Meat Lab traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, for the American Association of Meat Processors Convention and American Cured Meat Championships. Two students made the trip and brought home placings for their products, Katie Robertson and Johanna Mergelman.

Katie received Grand Champion with her boneless ham, and Johanna received Champion placing with her Garlic and Swiss summer sausage. Both meat products were in the specialty smoked meat class, which put Panhandle State as the overall high points team. Panhandle State competed against top Universities like Iowa State University, Penn State University, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska, and many others.

Meat Lab Director Anthony Ingo stated, “We want to thank the administration for allowing us to make this trip. We not only had a great time at the Convention, but we were also able to tour the Milo Locker Meats in Milo, Iowa, at their impressive establishment. We also want to thank Seaboard Foods for donating such great pork to us that we were able to produce award-winning products.”

“I am always impressed by the products from the Meat Lab. Mr. Ingo and his team have set the standard of excellence with their work. I am happy that this excellence is now recognized at the national level.”, said University President, Dr. Julie Dinger.

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