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Jun 7, 2022

Panhandle State Communications

Law Enforcement Training Hosted by Panhandle State

OPSU Police Department hosts practical tactics training for law enforcement on the OPSU campus for the next two weeks. The local law enforcement agencies that attended the first training day were Tyrone Police Department, Boise City Police Department, Hooker Police Department, Goodwell Police Department, Guymon Public Schools Police Department, and the Golden Mesa Casino Security Team.

OPSU Police Chief Andy Ramirez commented, “Better trained officers are better for our communities, and effective practical training makes officers safer, more competent, more effective, and less likely to be injured while simultaneously limiting liability and incidents where officers may be accused of excessive tactics or force. A well-trained officer feels safer and better equipped, and informed in high-stress situations. This training focuses on practical, effective tactics to ensure the safety of the officer as well as the safety and well-being of an arrested person. The officers also receive report writing and articulation training to better inform the public ensuring better communication between law enforcement and the communities they serve.”

OPSU Police Chief Andy Ramirez has been a defensive tactics instructor for seven years and specializes in dynamic scenario-based training.

“Safety is absolutely critical for our community, I am grateful for the dedication of these law enforcement professionals to protecting those we serve. Chief Andy Ramirez is doing a great job connecting OPSU to our partner communities and building our relationships to promote safety and excellence,” stated Provost Dr. Julie Dinger.

OPSU Police Department also co-hosted a patrol K-9 training today with the District 1 District Attorney Narcotics Taskforce and the Guymon Police Department.

Goodwell Police Chief Gustavo Ramirez stated, “We’re glad to help out our local law enforcement partners by providing places for them to train. As a new Police Chief in a rural community, I understand the importance of building relationships with other local agencies because we rely on each other out here in the Panhandle. I’m also very thankful for OPSU’s willingness to allow the use of their facilities to train. We all can benefit from well-trained and professional Police Officers.”

Interim President Dr. Ryan Blanton commented, “These trainings benefit so many of our local law enforcement agencies and Panhandle State is proud to be able to host them. The safety and security of our campus and communities always will be one of our highest priorities.”

Panhandle State looks forward to the continued partnerships with local law enforcement agencies.

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