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Jan 30, 2020

Panhandle State Communications

Faculty Members Making a Difference: Tito Aznar

The hard work and dedication from the faculty at Oklahoma Panhandle State University is what makes them stand out from any other University. From mentoring to coaching, the faculty is always striving to help students where they need it most. Amongst these members, Tito Aznar is an inspiration to the University with his captivating story.

University President, Dr. Tim Faltyn, commented, “Tito exemplifies the sincere, dedicated, and hardworking faculty that make our University the best in America.”

Born and raised in Argentina, Tito started to study the English language when he was 10. By the time he was 13, he was teaching many students what he had learned. “I taught English to a handful of students in my town. They would come to my house, and we would go over things for hours.” Explaining his love for teaching, “I fell in love with teaching at an early age. I became so passionate about helping others learn.”

After high school, Tito went on to teach English as a second language for 3 to 4 years at an institute near his town. During this time he was looking at options for an undergraduate program to get his Bachelors and OPSU was where he ended up. He graduated magna cum laude in 2004 and was named the J.R.P. Sewell award winner. Following graduation, he accepted an English instructor position on campus eager to make a difference in his students. He has taught many courses over the years including Comp I, Comp II, Critical Approaches to Literature, American Drama, Modern Drama, Sentence Diagramming, Analysis of the Short Story, Elementary Spanish I, Elementary Spanish II, Experiences in Humanities: Santa Fe, Musical Theatre, Forensic Activity, and Conversational Spanish.

When asked what the most challenging part of his job is, he answered, “Keeping what we do current. Being able to help the students, regardless of their studies, to see that what we are teaching is relevant.”

Dean of the Academic Resource, Sarah Green stated, “Tito has a passion for education that is evidenced by his commitment to our students. I have been blessed to get to work with him on multiple projects, and I am always impressed by his passion and his drive to help them be the best versions of themselves that they can be.”

Tito is now celebrating his 16th year at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. While teaching brought him to the Panhandle, the family feel of the University is what keeps him here. “Family, that is what Panhandle State means to me. I have spent most of my life here. Being an Aggie is a part of me.”

During his downtime on campus, he helped teach many staff members the English language for two semesters. “Members from the maintenance crew wanted to learn English, and they asked me if I would teach them. It worked best for our schedules to do these lessons during our lunchtime. We did this for a few semesters so they could better communicate with people on campus.”

Dean of Liberal Arts and Professor of English, Dr. Sara Richter commented, “Tito makes a positive impact on our campus with his vast knowledge and experience, compassion for students, eagerness to help, myriad of talents, tireless research, and wry and sly sense of humor.”

Tito is currently serving as an Assurance Argument Editor for OPSU’s Higher Learning Commission visit. The visit is scheduled for October 2020.

Dr. Sara Hitch, Department Chair and Associate Professor of Business Administration is also working towards the HLC visit. She commented, “Tito epitomizes the phrase ‘a scholar and a gentleman.’ I have had the privilege of working with him in multiple capacities within the HLC process, and consistently, he has been responsive, supportive, and receptive to all suggestions and requests for help. Tito absolutely has the character that you want helping in this type of activity, and OPSU is so lucky to have him.”

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