Oct 15, 2019

Panhandle State Communications

68th Annual Beef Bull Performance Test

Sixteen beef cattle breeders have cosigned bulls to the 68th Annual OPSU Bull Performance Test. The bulls were weighed on test Saturday, October 12th after a warm-up period of 21 days. Breeds represented are Angus, Herefords and Red Angus. Cooperators participating this year are: B&M Angus, Edmond, OK; Cody and Justin Barrington, Lawton and Canute, OK; Johnny Canaday, Laverne, OK; Bob Chaffin, Davis, OK; Eddie and Dustin Cook, Orlando, OK; Clarence Frey, Mulhall, OK; Mike Frey, Kingfisher, OK; Gerald Fish, Harrah, OK; Raleigh Jobes, Stillwater, OK; Phil Light, Turpin, OK; Galen McCune, Sharon, OK; OPSU, Goodwell, OK; Al Rutledge, Stillwater, OK; and Terry Sedlak, Kingfisher, OK.

OPSU students working on the test are; Lara Allen, Cara Genebacher, Wyatt Hammack, Madison Hansen, and Mikayla Sharpe.

The test runs for 112 days during which data will be collected on the bull’s average daily gain and weight-per-day-of-age. The bull’s adjusted 205-day weaning weight will also be recorded. Other data collected on the bulls are their frame score, scrotal circumference, semen quality, fat thickness, rib-eye area, and marbling score.

The test ends February 1, 2020, and the Annual OPSU Bull Test Sale is scheduled for February 24, 2020. Those intended in following the performance of the bulls during the test can contact Gwen Martin at (580) 349-1500 or email gwen@opsu.edu.

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