Tony Hardman reads to Elementary Students — Photo by Danae Moore

Oct 11, 2018

Panhandle State Communications

Elementary Students Visit McKee Library

Goodwell, Okla. — In what always proves to be just as fun for the visitors and hosts alike, the Goodwell Elementary School first and second grade students took their annual visit to the Oklahoma Panhandle State University McKee Library on Friday, September 21. Each year, the students visit in an effort to learn about libraries and to see the types of resources and services that the McKee Library (and libraries in general) provide.

The “tour” consists of Library Director Tony Hardman teaching about the purpose of libraries and even giving information on library history. The students learn how material was first recorded such as engravings on wooden blocks, metal plates, scrolls and eventually books and then electronic. Then Hardman takes them on a tour of the library showing them the different types of resources available such as books, DVD’s, CD’s, records and electronic files and databases. Students are encouraged to ask questions, which is actually Hardman’s favorite part of the tour.

“I love it when they ask questions,” he said, “because then I know that the students learned those things they wanted to learn.” He also stated that he is glad that the Goodwell School has the tour every year and hopes that they will continue to come every year, not only because they learn about the library, but it also gets them on the campus and starts them thinking about choosing Panhandle State as the college/university they attend later.

One of the services that the Mckee Library provides is a community library card, where any resident of Texas County may obtain a library card and utilize the library’s many resources. Applications are given to the students and many students return with their parents and become lifelong patrons of the library.

Hardman added, “One of my favorite things about being the Library Director here is seeing students who attended a tour and come back to check out books on a regular basis. It’s great to see the spark of loving to read in their eyes and to me that’s what being a librarian is all about.”

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