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Crop and
Soil Sciences

Welcome to the Crop and Soil Sciences program at OPSU! Our cutting-edge program empowers students with the essential skills and knowledge to tackle the challenges of modern agriculture and contribute to global food security. With a strong focus on scientific principles and hands-on applications, we prepare our graduates for successful careers in the dynamic agricultural industry.

At OPSU, our Crop and Soil Sciences program offers a comprehensive education that blends science and technology to solve real-world agricultural challenges. Students gain expertise in plant growth, soil management, and sustainable farming practices. Our curriculum covers vital areas such as genetics, ecology, and advanced farming technologies, ensuring that graduates are well-equipped to drive innovation in agriculture.

Program Contact

Dr. Curtis Bensch

Department Chair


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College of Agriculture, Science & Nursing



Why Choose OPSU?

YOU CAN lead in sustainable agriculture.

Apply advanced technologies and innovative practices to boost production and enhance soil health.

YOU CAN achieve a rewarding career in Crop and Soil Sciences

Explore diverse fields like farming, natural resource conservation, and work with agronomy-supporting industries, contributing to global food security.

YOU CAN gain real-world experience

Engage in hands-on learning through our college farm, teaching greenhouse, and summer internships, equipping you for success in the agriculture industry.

YOU CAN afford a Panhandle education

Enjoy a quality education at competitive rates with ample financial aid and scholarships!

Your Path to Anywhere

Discover diverse career opportunities in Crop and Soil Sciences, including roles inf arming, crop consulting, natural resource conservation, and agronomy industries. Gain practical experience and industry connections to propel your career and contribute to global agricultural sustainability.

  • Farming
  • Crop Consulting
  • Natural Resource Conservation
  • Soil and Water Management
  • Grazing Land Management
  • Range Management
  • Golf Course Management

Discover Lucrative Career Opportunities in Crop and Soil Sciences

Uncover rewarding career avenues in Crop and Soil Sciences, where you can excel in fields like farming, crop consulting, natural resource conservation, and agronomy industries. Develop practical skills and industry expertise to drive advancements in agricultural sustainability, paving the way for a fulfilling and influential career path.


Typically makes

$35,000- $100,000

Crop Consulting

Typically makes

$50,000- $80,000

Natural Resource Conservation

Typically makes


Soil and Water Management

Typically makes


Grazing and Land Management

Typically makes


Range Management

Typically makes


Golf Course Management

Typically makes

$60,000- $100,000

Careers with Seed, Chemical and Fertilizer Companies

Typically makes

$60,000- $100,000+

Find Your Path to Anywhere

Ready to start on your journey in Crop and Soil Sciences at OPSU? Take the first step towards a career in sustainable agriculture. Apply today to gain hands-on experience, explore innovative technologies, and join a community dedicated to shaping the future of global food production and environmental stewardship. Unlock your potential and make a meaningful impact with a degree from Oklahoma Panhandle State University.