BS Animal Science (Livestock Production and Management Option)
Bachelor Degree

BS Animal
Science (Livestock Production and Management Option)

At OPSU, the BS in Animal Science with a Livestock Production and Management Option program is your gateway to the thriving world of animal agriculture. Specializing in livestock, it's your path to hands-on learning, affordable excellence, and a fulfilling career in the livestock industry.

Embark on a hands-on journey into the dynamic field of animal agriculture with OPSU's BS in Animal Science program, focusing on Livestock Production and Management. This specialized program is designed to provide comprehensive education and practical skills, equipping you with essential knowledge for a range of careers in the livestock industry. Join the Aggie Family and embrace affordable excellence as you prepare for a future in the world of animal science and livestock production.

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Dr. Crystal Tolle

Department Chair


SAB 119

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College of Agriculture, Science & Nursing