BS Animal Science (Equine Option)
Agriculture, Science & Nursing

BS Animal
Science (Equine Option)

At OPSU, the BS in Animal Science with an Equine Option program delves into the world of animal science, with a focus on equine studies. It's your pathway to in-depth learning, affordable excellence, and a rewarding career in the equine industry.

Discover your path to success in the vibrant equine industry with OPSU's Animal Science Equine option. Our program blends cutting-edge scientific education with hands-on experience to prepare you for a fulfilling career. Gain expertise in equine physiology, nutrition, and business management through specialized courses tailored to industry needs. At OPSU, you'll develop practical skills through internships and real-world projects, ensuring you're ready for roles such as agritourism management, equine nutritionist, or farm operations leader upon graduation. Join us and become part of a community dedicated to your professional growth and success in the dynamic world of equine science.

Program Contact

Dr. Crystal Tolle

Department Chair


SAB 119

Program type



College of Agriculture, Science & Nursing



Why Choose OPSU?

YOU CAN master equine science

Our curriculum covers equine physiology, nutrition, and business management to prepare you for success in the industry.

YOU CAN gain hands-on experience

Internships and real-world projects ensure you develop practical skills for immediate job readiness.

YOU CAN pursue diverse careers

Graduates succeed in agritourism, equine nutrition, and farm operations with foundation built at OPSU.

YOU CAN a Panhandle Education

At OPSU, we offer quality education at an affordable cost, ensuring you receive exceptional value without the burden of excessive debt. With various financial aid options, scholarships, and work-study programs available, investing your future has never been more accessible. Join us in the benefits of a top-tier education that fits your budget.

Your Path to Anywhere

With a degree from OPSU's Animal Science Equine Option, the possibilities are endless. Our graduates have successfully pursued diverse and rewarding careers in various sectors of the equine industry and beyond.

  • Agritourism Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Farm and Ranch Management
  • Equipment and Horse Sales
  • Reproductive Management
  • Equine Nutritionist
  • Equine Trainer
  • Sales Representative
  • Event Planning
  • Educational Roles

Discover Lucrative Career Opportunities in Equine Science

Unlock a world of rewarding careers with a degree in Equine Science from OPSU. Our program equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the thriving equine industry.

Agritourism Manager

Typically makes


Facilities Manager

Typically makes

$48,000- $104,000

Farm and Ranch Manager

Typically makes


Equipment and Horse Sales Representative

Typically makes


Reproductive Management Specialist

Typically makes


Equine Nutritionist

Typically makes


Equine Trainer

Typically makes


Sales Representatives for Feed Companies, Pharmaceutical Firms, and Equine Industry Service Organizations

Typically makes


Equine Event Planner

Typically makes


Corporate Extension Agent

Typically makes


Find Your Path to Anywhere

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in equine science with OPSU's Animal Science Equine Option. Our streamlined application process makes it easy to join our vibrant community and start your journey. By applying now, you open the door to hands-on learning experiences, expert faculty, and diverse career opportunities in the equine industry. Don't wait- secure your future and become a part of OPSU's legacy of excellence. Apply today and start shaping your path to success!