AAS Technology (Emergency Medical Services Option)
Associate of Applied Science

AAS Technology
(Emergency Medical Services Option)

At OPSU, the Emergency Medical Services program offers a dynamic path for aspiring healthcare professionals. You'll discover affordable excellence, gaining the skills and knowledge to make a significant difference in emergency medical care.

Experience the perfect blend of affordable education and cutting-edge technology in OPSU's Emergency Medical Services program. Designed for those seeking a rewarding career in healthcare, this program prepares you for the fast-paced world of emergency medical care. From life-saving techniques to state-of-the-art medical technology, you'll receive hands-on training and affordable excellence. Become a vital link in the chain of emergency healthcare, joining the Aggie Family where tradition meets tomorrow in your journey towards a fulfilling career.

Program Contact

Justin Collins

Department Chair


SAB 223

Program type



College of Business & Technology