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Concurrent Fsr

Concurrent Students

Jumpstart your college education with concurrent enrollment at OPSU! Explore courses available to qualifying high school juniors and seniors.

Concurrent Admission

Concurrent Admission Steps for High School Students

  1. Complete the online concurrent application.
  2. Submit official high school transcript with unweighted GPA reflected and ACT scores.
  3. Submit a signed concurrent registration packet with approval from your high school counselor.
  4. Once we have received all required documents and you have gained Aggie Access, your OPSU Advisor will assist you in selecting courses.

Admission Requirement

Concurrent Admission Requirements

19+ ACT/Pre-ACT or unweighted overall GPA of 3.0 and top 50% rank in high school graduating class or 3.25 unweighted GPA which waives all deficiencies.

Students must have a minimum sub score of 19 in English, Math, or Science to enroll in corresponding subject area courses.


Cost of Concurrent Enrollment

Tuition Wavers:

  • High School Juniors are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to 9 credit hours of concurrent coursework beginning the summer before their junior year.
  • High School Seniors are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to 18 credit hours of concurrent coursework beginning the summer before their senior year.


Average cost for concurrent course textbook is $109. Students are responsible for limited mandatory fees of $57.52 per credit hour.


Please note that OPSU uses electronic billing. Students will not receive a paper bill at their home address. Bursar statements and account activity is available 24/7 in My Online Billing. Students will receive an email when statements are available each month. Detailed billing information is available at:

Course Load/Course Placement

Course Load / Course Placement

High school students may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed a full-time college workload of 19 semester credit hours. To calculate workload, one half high school unit shall be equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work. Non-academic high school units are excluded from workload calculations.

A minimum ACT sub score of 19 in English, Math, or Science is required to enroll in corresponding subject area courses or have an overall unweighted GPA of 3.25. A student with an overall unweighted GPA of 3.25 will be allowed to enroll in any courses.

Continuing Concurrent Enrollment

Continuing Concurrent Enrollment

Students need to submit a new Concurrent Enrollment Signature & Course Selection Form prior to enrolling each semester. To continue concurrent enrollment students must maintain a cumulative college GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. If a concurrent student’s college GPA falls below 2.0, the student will be permanently disqualified for concurrent enrollment in any future semesters.

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