Dr. Karen Goosen

Aug 18, 2022

Panhandle State Communications

Dr. Karen Goosen Named Dean of Business and Technology College

Dr. Karen Goosen has been named the Dean of the College of Business and Technology (COBT) at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. Before this position, Dr. Goosen served as an instructor for the Business and Agribusiness programs and the advisor for the 100% online program.

Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, Dr. Goosen graduated from Panhandle State with a Bachelor of Business Administration. She then completed her Master’s from Liberty University with a minor in Leadership, and received her Doctorate of Management from Colorado Technical University with an emphasis in Higher Education, Teaching, and Learning.

University President Dr. Julie Dinger commented, “Dr. Goosen brings a breadth of experiences in both higher education and industry that will drive success. She is passionate and ready to take the college forward in a new and exciting direction.”

Building meaningful relationships with students, faculty, and the community is important to Dr. Goosen in this position. “I want to help develop stronger links between the community and COBT. I would love to see our students and faculty actively engaging in local projects that benefit the families and businesses in the surrounding area,” she stated.

“Getting the Master’s in Business Administration in Agribusiness program up and running is another goal that is forefront in my mind. Finally, building up our Industrial program is crucial to our area; the needs are great and the talent is out there, and I believe we can truly shine in this discipline.”

Dr. Goosen is constantly growing her knowledge by reading journals and research articles. She is a peer reviewer and editor for the Organizational Development Journal. On top of this all, she is currently working on a second Master’s Degree.

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